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Outdoor activity and police harassment in Nest 8


ACTIVISM. Nest 8 recently paid a visit to the great outdoors and learned about building stretchers in the wilderness.

On the 23rd of February, members of Nest 8 gathered for a day in the forest. While on their way to the meeting point, members coming from Nyköping were stopped by police in a planned action that served as a complete waste of resources.

The arrogant and politically motivated police officers didn’t even manage to pretend as if it were a routine check and, as usual, taxpayers’ money was wasted on persecuting political dissidents.

Naturally this didn’t ruin the day whatsoever, and once out in the forest everyone’s spirits were high.

The members grilled food together and did some minor activities, including how to build a stretcher. It was a fun and relaxing day for everyone involved.