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Outdoor activity in Nest 4


SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Members of Sweden’s Nest 4 met in Örnsköldsvik to hold a monthly meeting and enjoy the scenery of the High Coast earlier this month.

The activity began with the participants gathering together and having lunch and a meeting before packing up their things and beginning the walk to the campsite. The hike was suitably strenuous, with uphill and downhill slopes, and also offered beautiful scenery along the route, as well as berries and mushrooms.

A comrade finds a newly shed snake skin.
A conjoined orange birch bolete mushroom.
Proud hikers.

The group also saw birds of prey and found a choice porcini mushroom, which was picked to accompany dinner. Once the comrades had reached the campsite, they took up their lodgings in a cabin made available for public use, went for a dip in the Baltic Sea and lit a fire. Afterwards there was a review of a so-called “bug-out bag” or BOB, with instructions of how to effectively pack one. The comrades talked with other passing hikers, relaxed together and cooked food over an open fire.

Omelette, sausages and a handpicked mushroom.

After a long, pleasant evening and a good night’s sleep, it was time to pack up and head back home. The return hike was enjoyable despite the rainy weather. Once the comrades were back in Örnsköldsvik, they had lunch before parting ways and travelling home. Everyone agreed that there are few things as uplifting as a hike in beautiful countryside.