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Outdoor monthly meeting in Stockholm


SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Members and activists from Sweden’s Nest 1 gathered at a nature reserve in the Stockholm area on the morning of 10 April to hold a leisurely outdoor activity combined with a monthly meeting.

A campfire by a lake in Stockholm, Sweden

Most of the participants arrived in good time for the scheduled meeting time of 11 a.m., but some were a few minutes late, while others were considerably later.

When the latecomers arrived, they were “rewarded” with a challenge of 10 push-ups for every minute they were late, which meant having to do 20, 150 and 300 push-ups, respectively. As the Nest Chief was in a good mood, likely due to the fine spring weather, those with more push-ups to do were permitted to spread them out over the next hour.

Man doing press-ups in a forest, Stockholm, Sweden

Before setting off to the intended location for the monthly meeting, the participants were informed they would practise making a fire with a fire striker during the day, which would be more challenging than normal because it was still wet in the forest. As such, everyone was advised to be on the lookout for suitable materials to gather along the route.

As several participants had their children with them, it was soon decided to walk a slightly shorter distance than planned. Upon arriving at the barbecue site, the group began to gather firewood, something the children gladly helped with, as well as look for suitable logs and practise using an axe, saw and knife.

Walking in the forest, Stockholm, Sweden

While the fire burned down to its coals, the participants had to try to make their own fires with the materials they had collected along the route to the campsite. Some had more experience than others; when one gave up his attempts and let his child try, the child succeeded almost immediately.

The comrades also took the opportunity to take a dip in the lake, before it was time to prepare the food they had brought with them.

Barbecue by a lake, Stockholm, Sweden

When everyone had finished eating, the monthly meeting was held, with the usual points being reviewed and new members welcomed. The day was then concluded, and everyone headed back to the starting point.