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Peace for Nordic Women 2021 – Video and summary


ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 2 presents a summary of all the activism conducted during their recent “Peace for Nordic Women” campaign.

NRM "Peace for Nordic women" poster banner activismDuring the first week of August, Nest 2 held a high-intensity campaign along Sweden’s west coast for the peace and safety of Nordic women. Below is a summary and video from the week’s activism.

The campaign and its message were a response to the increasing lack of safety experienced by women in Sweden – something that is clear on the country’s west coast in the summer.

The message “Peace for Nordic women!” was spread throughout the whole week. Day and night, activism was conducted in the form of leafleting, banner actions, posters, spray-painting and town square meetings.

NRM "Peace for Nordic women" banner actionThe campaign officially started the night before Sunday, 1 August, with Uddevalla being the first location visited. The Resistance men walked through the central parts of town, putting up posters and spray-painting messages along the streets.

"Peace for Nordic women" posterThe week continued in the same vein as it started. By day, leaflets were distributed and banners were hung up; by night and evening, posters were put up and messages were spray-painted.

"Peace for Nordic women" banner actionDuring the week, there were activities in the following towns and villages: Kungälv, Stenungsund, Orust, Ljungskile, Uddevalla, Munkedal, Kungshamn, Smögen, Lysekil, Tanum, Hamburgsund, Fjällbacka and Strömstad.

"Peace for Nordic women" leafleting"Peace for Nordic women" leafletingThree actions that deserve special mention are:

The banner action over the E6 road on Monday in the middle of rush hour traffic.

NRM "Peace for Nordic women" banner actionThe town square meeting in Strömstad, where activists stood on the crowded square filled with over a hundred people. Here Alexander Almroth held a speech urging people to defend Nordic women.

NRM "Peace for Nordic women" banner actionThe public meeting in Lysekil, a town that has been hit hard by multiculturalism and its effects in recent years. Alexander Almroth held another speech, and the response to the Resistance Movement’s presence was very good.

NRM "Peace for Nordic women" banner actionIn total, over 30 activities were carried out during the week, with the following quantities of propaganda being spread: 10,000 leaflets distributed, 50 banners hung up, 550 spray-painted messages and posters adorning various towns, a public banner action, and not just one, but two, town square meetings.

Nest Chief Mattias Sigvardsson said about the campaign:

“As the relatively newly appointed Chief of Nest 2, I can look at this campaign proudly as proof of what the Nest is capable of. I am very pleased with the result and want to thank all the members for their work during the week.”

"Peace for Nordic women" leafleting"Peace for Nordic women" spraypaintingBecause this message is always highly relevant, it won’t stop being spread by Nest 2, even though the campaign itself is over. More activities in defence of White women are to be expected.

Long live the Nordic woman!