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“Preserve the Danish people” – Banner action in Farum


ACTIVISM. Activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement recently held a banner action in Farum, Denmark, with the message “Preserve the Danish People!”

Activists gathered in Farum at the weekend to conduct a banner action with the aid of green flags and signal flares with green smoke.

The banner bore the message “Preserve the Danish People!” and was visible to drivers heading under the bridge on the busy motorway in Farum for an hour.

When the activity was about to be concluded, a patrol car with two police officers arrived. The police claimed that the activity was illegal because of the swastikas on the comrades’ banner, but after a short conversation with their station they found out that the swastika is not illegal in Denmark.

This didn’t stop the police station from sending another patrol car to the scene. This time the officers were dressed in bulletproof vests to ensure they could safely deal with a banner with such as provocative message as “Preserve the Danish people”, which they described several times as “possibly racist”.

Watch the video on VK / Odysee