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Propaganda offensive in Eastern Norway


ACTIVISM. Members and activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement visited the town of Ski, located in the Follo district in Akershus, to conduct widespread activism.

White Lives Matter Nordic Resistance Movement sign

The goal was to spread a pro-Nordic message and let people know the Nordic Resistance Movement is in the area.

To start with, a large number of leaflets were delivered to mailboxes and placed on the windscreens of parked cars, while numerous stickers were placed in residential areas.

Many posters were also put up, while metal signs were affixed to posts, including those featuring the 9 Points from the Resistance Movement’s political programme Our Path.

After several hours of activism in the residential areas, the action was rounded off in the town of Ski, where leaflets were again placed on car windscreens, followed by a public leaflet distribution with leaflets handed out to passers-by.

The weather on the day was fine and the action went peacefully, without any confrontations with political opponents.

Selected photos from the action: