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“Proud White Youth” bridge action in sunny Kode


ACTIVISM. Members from Sweden’s Nest 2 gathered for a banner activity in Kungälv municipality on Saturday 22 April.

Nordic Resistance Movement "Proud White Youth" banner action, Kode, Sweden

The little village of Kode was chosen for this activity due to the problems it has recently experienced with “youth gangs” gathering in the community, causing trouble and committing vandalism. Kode is also connected to the E6 motorway, which means it is ideal for maximum exposure.

The weather was excellent, with sun and clear blue skies, as the comrades took their positions on a bridge above the E6 in the morning. They unfurled the banner, lined up with flags and lit two green smoke grenades, much to the delight of passers-by.

Nordic Resistance Movement "Proud White Youth" banner action, Kode, Sweden
“Proud White Youth – Join Us!”

The green smoke went very well with the Resistance Movement’s green membership shirts and the surrounding verdant scenery.

After a good while on the bridge, a short interview was conducted with Daniel, the responsible chief on the scene.

How has the action gone today?

It’s gone really well. The weather’s great and the mood is excellent.

How has the response been?

It’s been very positive. Thanks to the good weather, there has been lots of traffic, some fancy cars and a lot of motorbikes. We’ve gotten a lot of waves and horn honks throughout the whole action, and there were even a few victory greetings!

How do you think the people of Kode feel when you stand here and hold political activism in their town?

We are here to show the Swedish youth in the area that we are on their side – we are here for their sake. Those who have not grown up in today’s harsh anti-White climate may find it difficult to relate to the threats, hatred and violence Swedish youths have to endure on a daily basis. We are here for these young people. They will know they have the Resistance Movement on their side, hence the slogan Proud White Youth – Join Us!

Yes, it’s a fitting slogan. What will you do now?

Right now we’re about to pack up. We feel we’ve done our part for today and have reached a very large number of people in the time we’ve been here.

Nordic Resistance Movement "Proud White Youth" banner action, Kode, Sweden

After completing the activity, the Resistance men went to a nearby nature reserve, lit a barbecue and enjoyed the newly arrived spring warmth.