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Public actions in central Stockholm and Södertälje


ACTIVISM. Members and activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement held two highly successful public leaflet distributions in Nest 1’s area of operations on Saturday 3 September.

Nordic Resistance Movement activism, Södertälje, Sweden

The day began in Södertälje. The participants met up just outside the city centre, before heading to the central pedestrian street, where all the parliamentary parties and a local party had their election campaign tents set up.

Once there, the Resistance men and women positioned themselves in a strategic location with a banner and began the leaflet distribution.

Interest in the upcoming election did not seem to be a priority for the Saturday shoppers who were out walking in the city centre. Only a few people visited the established parties’ election tents; however, the Resistance men – who moved around the square, rather than restricting themselves to one spot – had the opportunity to talk to numerous interested people.

Less willing to talk to the true opposition were the aforementioned parliamentary parties, who even categorically refused to discuss their own policies. Whether this was due to their politics being so worthless that they are ashamed to discuss them, or because they are just useless at debating, will be left to the imagination.

Nordic Resistance Movement activism, Södertälje, Sweden

After two hours of activism on the square, the comrades packed up and went on to the second destination of the day – the election tents alongside Sergel’s Square in Stockholm.

The members and activists gathered on Drottninggatan, where they unfurled their flags and marched a short way to the election tents. After just a few dozen metres, they were stopped by the police, who objected to slogans being shouted through the megaphone.

Nordic Resistance Movement activism, Sergels torg, Stockholm, Sweden

The police explained that the Resistance Movement’s activists could continue to conduct their activities as long as the megaphone was not used, stating that the person using it would be ejected from the area. Their justification was that it would disturb the activities of the other parties at the election tents.

Nordic Resistance Movement activism, Sergels torg, Stockholm, SwedenAs the Resistance Movement’s representatives were in a particularly good mood after the successful action in Södertälje, they accepted the police’s wishes and walked on. The march went past some of the other parties’ election tents and on to a small open spot between some additional tents. There they stood with a banner and flag and began another leaflet distribution.

Nordic Resistance Movement activism, Sergels torg, Stockholm, Sweden

The Nordic Resistance Movement’s entrance, with flags held aloft, attracted attention, and both sympathisers and those with differences of opinion approached to talk to the representatives. The more time that went on, the more people came over to speak to the Resistance men. Eventually, they were so numerous that there were not enough members and activists to talk to them all, so people stood in clusters around the comrades in the hope of exchanging a few words.

This must have been an envious sight for the other parties, as they only had a fraction of the visitors around them compared to the Resistance Movement. Due to the high level of interest, the activity lasted longer than expected, but after three hours of intensive activism, it was finally concluded.

Nordic Resistance Movement activism, Sergels torg, Stockholm, Sweden

During the activity, the activists were also interviewed by a French radio journalist and by young people who were making videos for their TikTok channels. In addition, hundreds of leaflets changed hands, and several people came over just to praise the Nordic Resistance Movement and say they regularly read the organisation’s various websites.

After two such successful activities, the band of Resistance men and women were very happy and proud as they departed from Stockholm’s inner city.