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Public actions in Grängesberg in Sweden’s Nest 5


ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 5 spent the beginning of July conducting recurring activities in a small town in Ludvika Municipality.

Nordic Resistance Movement activist with flag in Ludvika, Sweden

Nest 5 were in Grängesberg, outside Ludvika, on the first two weekends of July to hold public leaflet distributions. The days saw a lot of people out and about in the town, enjoying the shops and the summer weather. The public activism was accompanied by flag bearers and a coffee table with refreshments for passers-by.

Nordic Resistance Movement election leaflets in Ludvika, Sweden

Another complement to the action was a banner that decorated the wall behind the participants. The message on the banner was intended to criticise the parliamentary system in a humorous tone, while informing the public that participation in an election does not mean slavishly playing the parliamentary game.

Nordic Resistance Movement banner in Ludvika, Sweden
“The people vote – The politicians laugh!”

The activity passed at a good tempo, with all the leaflets being handed out. During the distributions, the activists held both sporadic and extended conversations with positively and negatively minded local people.

Pär Öberg of the Nordic Resistance Movement at a public activity in Ludvika, Sweden