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Public activism in Nest 2


ACTIVISM. On 14 September, citizens in Mariestad and Skövde were made aware of the impending destruction being imposed on the Nordic people.

The group chief in Skaraborg, Erik Wuttudal, was responsible for the activities, which began with leafleting in central parts of Mariestad, in western Sweden. The location was chosen for the weekend’s activism on account of the shooting that happened in broad daylight in central Mariestad on the previous Monday. The shooting is believed to have been related to criminal racial foreigners that now infest the town.

Leaflets were given out to the people on the square for over two hours, and many pleasant, sympathetic and fruitful conversations were had. One woman with a beta male in tow cried to the police that proud National Socialists were conveying a healthy message to the public. The police subsequently explained to this traitorous witch that the foundational laws of freedom of expression and assembly also apply to Hitler’s men.

Nest 2 public activism

After many leaflets had changed hands and the shooting in Mariestad had been discussed, the activists formed into two columns with two flag bearers at the front and marched on through the town. In rhythmic step, the activists shouted the slogan “Nordic revolution!”, on the route back to their cars, to which the response “Without pardon!” caused every kinsman in the vicinity to swell with pride, and all the folk traitors to cower in fear and shame.

Thirty minutes later, the activists arrived at the Sweden Outdoor festival in Skövde. Two flag bearers positioned themselves either side of a grassy area, and the leafleters started distributing propaganda to passers-by.

After a little while, a group of town officials turned up and told the activists to relocate to a spot farther away, which Wuttudal firmly refused. Wuttudal said the activists were fine where they were, and that if they wanted to take the matter further, they could speak with the police. A nervousness and speechlessness overtook the gaggle of officials and they became momentarily paralysed. They then went to phone the police, to no avail.

When the festival ended at 4 p.m., the activists marched to a vantage point over the town to enjoy the beautiful view and take a group photo.

Finally they marched towards their cars to conclude the day’s activism. On the way there, they encountered some police officers. Wuttudal spoke with the police and explained why the activists were there – this drew smiles and handshakes from the police, which convinced Wuttudal that at least not all men and women in blue are hopelessly brainwashed by state indoctrination.

With outstretched right arms, Nest 2’s activists hail the victory coming one day closer.