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Public activism with speeches and symbolic hanging in Vetlanda


ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 7 were in Vetlanda on 5 March to hold speeches about the mass stabbing that took place in the city one year ago – and to urge people to join the Nordic Resistance Movement.

NRM speech in Vetlanda, Sweden

The speaker and Nest Chief, Hampus Maijala, comments on the activity:

“On Saturday, activists from Nest 7 held flash demonstrations in various locations in Vetlanda, at which I gave speeches to draw attention to the fact that a year has passed since the racial alien Tamim Sultani committed his heinous crazed attack in the city.

“Those who have followed the news and spoken with residents will know that other crimes with anti-Swedish motives have also occurred Vetlanda since the attack. As was the case with Tamim Sultani, these are direct consequences of multiculturalism.

“The citizens of Vetlanda were informed that there is an alternative to this societal course, that there is a way to stop the imported violence, and that those who want change are not alone. In order to solve the problems we face, the only option is for the Swedish people to organise, take part in the struggle and join the Nordic Resistance Movement.”

What was it like to hold a speech again?

I’ve had the opportunity to hold speeches in Vetlanda on a couple of occasions now. I have no problem with standing in my hometown and giving a speech to the public, especially if it can inspire others to start making a difference.

How did the activity go?

In summary, I would say that the day went well. The weather was nice, and people were out on the streets. We will continue to be seen and heard in Vetlanda. If you did not see us today, I can guarantee there will be more opportunities to do so. We will never stop working for a city where Swedes can feel safe on the streets and squares!

Nordic Resistance Movement speech in Vetlanda, Sweden

Excerpt from Hampus Maijala’s speech:

If you are prepared to make a difference, stand firm and become organised in the struggle against the population replacement and anti-Swedishness, join the Nordic Resistance Movement! Together we will create change, with fighters from north to south working tirelessly for the Swedish and Nordic people.

The Nordic Resistance Movement never forgets. The Nordic Resistance Movement never forgives. And the Nordic Resistance Movement never stops fighting for a safe society, an upstanding people and a free North!

During the week, on the anniversary of the knife attack, a lifesize doll was also hung from a footbridge in Vetlanda. The doll bore a sign around its neck reading “Tamim Sultani” – the name of the Afghan who committed the mass stabbing one year ago.

Tamim Sultani hanged doll in Vetlanda

Screenshot Vetlandaposten, hanged doll in Vetlanda
“The police ask for information after doll found with connection to stabbing.” Screenshot from Vetlandaposten.

The local media was horrified by the doll hanging, and the police have asked the public for information to help them identify and arrest the perpetrators. Nest 7 can hereby inform the police that it was activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement’s Nest 7 who symbolically hanged the doll to protest against the anti-Swedish crime that occurred on 3 March 2021 in Vetlanda, and to show what the only just punishment for such a terrible act should be.