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Public activities in Sweden, Norway and Iceland


ACTIVISM. On Saturday 14th December, Nordic Resistance Movement activism took place across the Nordics, with public activities in Sweden, Norway and Iceland.

In the middle of the stressful Christmas shopping rush, Resistance men took their positions with flags and/or banners on town squares and outside shopping centres and gallerias to hand out specially produced leaflets. The leaflets wished shoppers a Merry Christmas but also contained a message about the dangers of consumerism and the true meaning of the festival.

On the day, the Resistance Movement were in central Stockholm, Katrineholm, Kungsbacka, Mariestad, Luleå, Trollhättan, Ludvika, Växjö and Höör in Sweden. There were also public activities in the Norwegian towns of Sarpsborg and Steinkjer, and in Selfoss in Iceland.

Public activity in Luleå

Activists in Stockholm report they went to one of the city’s most visited department stores on Drottninggatan (Queen Street), after which they moved on to the Christmas market in the Old Town, before concluding the day on Mynttorget (the Coin Square):


The participants went to Mynttorget, where a group of miserable-looking communists had gathered to co-opt the politically independent Sjukvårdsuppropet movement, which campaigns against healthcare cutbacks.

When the National Socialists passed by, the communists predictably broke into their worn-out chants about “Nazis” not being allowed on what they believe to be “their streets”. Naturally this had the opposite of its intended effect, with the Resistance men promptly stopping and taking their positions in the midst of the reds.

It only took a few minutes for the group’s chants to fade out, and passers-by could see the clear contrast between pathetic communists and courageous National Socialists.

After a short while, the reds decided to pack up their things while the Resistance Movement remained and continued the activity for a period before it was time to call it a day.


From the town of Katrineholm, eastern Sweden, the following was reported:


A young man said the town felt secure once the Nordic Resistance Movement’s representatives were there. He also showed them a copy of the Movement’s Activist Handbook, which he is currently reading.

Soon after, a cat lady demonstratively ripped up a leaflet, threw the pieces on the ground and spat on them. After a reprimand, she picked up all the pieces and apologised.

A known leftist activist wandered back and forth, speaking into his phone, anxiously urging his companions to join him there immediately, but no one showed up.

He was followed by a loud-mouthed racial stranger who cockily challenged one of the flag bearers to a fistfight. When the Resistance man accepted the challenge, the foreigner suddenly lost interest and evasively suggested another time and place for the confrontation.

A group of young boys were overjoyed at finally meeting the Resistance Movement’s activists IRL. They insisted on taking a bundle of stickers to put up around the town and succeeded in convincing an activist to aid them in their noble cause.

Confrontation in Katrineholm

In the city of Trollhättan, western Sweden, the Resistance activists were also met by both positive and less positive responses:

The leaflets were very well received by the people, and many expressed their support for the Resistance Movement. Many discussions took place, and as usual there were both positive and negative reactions.

The police were called to the scene by security guards after the activists verbally reprimanded a woman who crumpled up a leaflet and threw it in an activist’s face.

The police came in two cars and tried to make the comrades leave the area, which according to the police was not a public space. They failed in this endeavour as the comrades stood firm.


In Norway, Nest 1 and Nest 4 conducted public leaflet distributions in Sarpsborg and Steinkjer:

In Nest 1, the day started with an ambulatory leaflet distribution along the pedestrian street in Sarpsborg, southeast Norway, before the Resistance men stopped on the town square and gave out leaflets to passers-by.

Many people gladly accepted leaflets and were in complete agreement that mass immigration must be stopped and that Norwegian society has become far worse as a result of multiculturalism.

After an hour, the activity was concluded with another ambulatory leaflet distribution, this time through a shopping centre. Everything went peacefully, and no opponents were to be seen.


In Nest 4, the Resistance men went to Steinkjer, central Norway, and gave out leaflets to passers-by.

Not long after the activity started, they were contacted by a rabid female opponent who wanted to show them her Arabian boyfriend. The Resistance men said no thanks and continued distributing their political material.

The activity went well, and large quantities of leaflets changed hands. Smiles, thumbs-up and wishes of a merry, white Christmas were both given and received by the activists.

Santa gets a leaflet in Steinkjer
Mariestad, Sweden
Provocateurs in Luleå
Pär Sjögren wishes a Merry Christmas from Ludvika, Sweden
Interest in the Resistance Movement’s Christmas greeting in Katrineholm
Distributing “Iceland Awake!” leaflets in Selfoss, Iceland
Växjö, Sweden
Höör, Sweden