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Public activity at Åmål market


ACTIVISM. On Saturday the 19th of October, activists from Nest 2 visited Åmål for a public activity at the local autumn market.

The activists positioned themselves on the town square, between a pedestrian street and the marketplace, with a banner and the organisation’s flag, and started distributing leaflets.

The response from the market’s visitors was very positive, with many leaflets changing hands and many fruitful discussions taking place. A woman also gave a cash donation directly to the comrades, and a group of youths were eager to take both leaflets and stickers.

A minor incident took place when a racial alien behaved aggressively and inappropriately towards the Resistance men. He was, of course, swiftly reprimanded and as soon as he realised that he couldn’t do as he liked, he chose to move on.

After two hours of interesting discussions with the market’s visitors, the activity was ended, and the group discussed the events of the day over a shared meal.