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Public activity in Åmål


ACTIVISM. On Saturday 7 September, comrades from activist group 203 and an activist from group 201 met in Åmål, western Sweden.

The Resistance men headed to central Åmål and took their positions outside two large shops. There were a lot of people in the town on the day, which led to many discussions and a healthy distribution of leaflets.

A group of about 20 teenagers were in the area during a large part of the activity and they were very positive about the Nordic Resistance Movement’s presence. Many of them took leaflets and some wanted to have a bundle of stickers each.

A racial foreigner was also very surprised when the activists had a conversation with him even though he wasn’t of Nordic origin.

Lots of other discussions took place and many people expressed their positive views about the organisation and its work before the activity was concluded after two hours.

More activities will take place in Åmål in the future.