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Public activity in Gothenburg


ACTIVISM. Activists from Sweden’s Nest 2 and Nest 7 recently took to the streets of Gothenburg for a public activity.

On the morning of Saturday 15 August, members and activists from Nest 2 gathered in Gothenburg for a full day of National Socialist struggle. The comrades divided into groups, with some delivering leaflets to houses and others putting up banners on bridges over the E6 and E20 motorways in central Gothenburg. Over a thousand leaflets were delivered to residents around the city, and a dozen banners were put up. After the groups had completed their tasks, they went to an activist’s house and had breakfast while waiting for the day’s next phase.

When they were ready, everyone went back to the streets with some guests from Nest 7 for a public leaflet distribution. All together, over 20 Resistance men stood on the sun-drenched Avenue boulevard in Gothenburg.

Despite the heat, there were still some people in the city on the day, many of whom reacted positively when they saw the Nordic Resistance Movement were there, with the exception of a few grouches.

The police decided they needed to have at least five cars on The Avenue on the day, something that caused passers-by to question their priorities. The police claimed that the Resistance men were holding an “illegal gathering”, even though it’s completely legal to hold such activities without asking for permission.

After about an hour on The Avenue, the comrades headed towards Gothenburg Cathedral in the hope that the surrounding area would be more populated. This proved to be the case, and the Resistance men scarcely had time to take up their positions before discussions with Gothenburgers began. Many interested people talked about a wide range of topics with the activists, from the problems with globalism to how a future National Socialist state would work. There were a few complainers here too, as well as some loudmouthed racial aliens, who quickly retreated when they realised the activists weren’t about to back away from a confrontation. Some people came over to take photographs and shake hands with the activists, encouraging them to keep fighting for our cause.

After many leaflets had been given out over the course of nearly two hours at the cathedral, it was decided to conclude the day’s activity. The day was seen as successful, and the Resistance Movement will definitely return to the streets of Gothenburg in the near future.

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