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Public activity in Småland


ACTIVISM. On Saturday 27 July, Nest 7 arranged a day of public activism in the county of Småland.

Nordic Resistance Movement activism in Småland

The day began in Emmaboda, where the activists took their positions between the town’s Ica and Coop shops. The Resistance men had some pleasant discussions with passers-by, who strolled in and out of the shops at a leisurely pace, but as it was generally quiet at the location they decided to move on to the nearby town of Nybro a little while later.

In Nybro they set up on the busy Stora Nygatan street outside the Willy’s grocery store. The comrades were very well received by local residents, and many curious shoppers came over and took leaflets and asked questions.

Half an hour later, two shop assistants came out and told the Resistance men they had to leave because the car park was privately owned, and if they didn’t move they would call the police. After it was explained to the shop assistants that the car park was a public place and that the activists would continue to stand there, they subsequently vanished back inside the shop.

The activity continued and many interesting discussions arose. The activists also noticed a group of racial strangers standing with their phones on the other side of the car park. The group grew in number as the activity went on, but they didn’t approach the activists, presumably because there weren’t enough of them. Instead they kept at a distance and glared angrily.

Nordic Resistance Movement activism in Småland

Eventually the system’s lackeys arrived on the scene and declared a Police Law 13 to be in effect, ordering the Resistance men to move to the shop’s loading bay, where they could stand “safely” and spread their message. The police chose not to move the racial strangers instead, who they were clearly paranoid about.

Rather than obediently following the system lackeys’ suggestion, the activists went to the town centre and took the opportunity to give out leaflets to passers-by and leaflet local houses before ending the day’s activity.

Nordic Resistance Movement activism in Småland