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Public activity in Varberg


ACTIVISM. Nest 2’s activist division visit Varberg to spread the National Socialist message.

On Saturday 9th May, the Resistance Movement’s second nest held a public leaflet distribution in Varberg, Halland County.

The activists stood in position with flags on the town square, which was busy despite the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

The majority of people were positive towards the Resistance Movement’s presence, even though there were the usual couple who didn’t respect freedom of speech. One man tried to grab one of the flags, unaware that he would quickly be reprimanded. It was the same story with a woman who thought it was OK to try to take a camera. Both of them will likely think twice before they attempt anything similar in the future.

Several discussions took place, both positive and negative, and phone numbers were exchanged with a passing sympathiser. The activity was concluded after a couple of hours.