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Public activity and speech in Uppsala


ACTIVISM. Nest 1 and Nest 8 conducted a joint public activity featuring a speech and leaflet distribution in Uppsala, Sweden, last weekend. The response from the local people was good and generated many interesting conversations.

On Saturday 23 November, activists and members from Nests 1 and 8 gathered on a square in central Uppsala for a joint public manifestation. The activity began with the unfurling of a banner with the slogan “We are the people!”, which was flanked by two flag bearers.

Jimmy Thunlind from Nest 8 then took his position behind the banner and held a powerful speech in defence of freedom of expression and against the Swedish regime’s politics of population replacement.

Thunlind encouraged the audience to join the Nordic Resistance Movement and contribute to the struggle for a self-governing North with control over its own decision-making, natural resources and currency.

Just as the speech was about to begin, a police car arrived on the square, with two more following immediately afterwards. The police didn’t attempt to make contact with any of the activists during the speech or subsequent leaflet distribution, however, and instead contented themselves with spectating the activity.

Many interesting conversations arose with passers-by during the leafleting. A lot of people were sincerely interested in the Resistance Movement’s politics, with one man saying, “Now that the Sweden Democrats have betrayed all their ideals, you are the only trustworthy alternative!”

Another man said he has long been a reader of everything written on Nordfront and listens to Nordisk Radio’s podcasts, while a young woman was curious about how society would change if the Resistance Movement took power.

In the middle of the activity, a large group of students dressed as bears came and danced to loud music on the square. This naturally drew even more people to the location, and they were accordingly given informative leaflets and engaged in discussions by the Resistance men.

After two and a half hours, the successful activity concluded without any disruptions. The comrades then gathered in the warmth of a café to refuel and evaluate the day’s events. Everyone agreed that Uppsala should definitely be the site of more activities in the future.