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Public leafleting and banner action in Kristinehamn


ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 5 visited Kristinehamn on Saturday 29 August for a public activity.

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Members and activists from the Activist Group and both member groups in Nest 5 met in the Värmland locality of Kristinehamn on Saturday for a public activity.

Once in town, the Resistance men divided into two groups. The larger group positioned themselves at the Ica Maxi store, while a smaller group went to a nearby footbridge for a banner activity.

Good responses were received at both locations. At Ica Maxi, many people took leaflets and the atmosphere was peaceful. The group holding the banner action enjoyed an even better response, with many drivers making positive gestures in the form of thumbs-up, “friendly” car horn beeps and flashing headlights. Only a few individuals beeped angrily or stuck up their fingers.

The Resistance Movement will no doubt return to Kristinehamn, or a nearby location, in the future.