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Public leafleting in Eslöv


ACTIVISM. On Thursday the 30th of May, members and activists from Nest 3 went to the Stora Coop supermarket at Eslöv for a public activity.

Nordic Resistance Movement activism in Eslöv

The response from the public was very positive, even though the politically motivated Stora Coop did everything in its power to obstruct the people from receiving our message and to remove the activists from the area.

Unfortunately for the Coop staff, neither the police, nor their bad behaviour – including physically standing in the way of the leafleting, and even putting up two signs decrying the activism – could do anything to halt the activity.

After approximately two hours, the activist in charge decided our message had been spread efficiently for the day and declared the activity over.

Coop staff trying to stop Nordic Resistance Movement activism in Eslöv

“We are sorry these men are standing here and giving out information we obviously don’t support or sympathise with – Coop Flygstaden.”