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Recruitment and activism in Danish Nest 3


ACTIVISM. Nest 3 in Denmark recently held a successful recruitment meeting with speeches, followed by street activism.

Denmark Nest 3 Nordic Resistance Movement meeting

The Nordic Resistance Movement arranged a recruitment meeting in Denmark’s Nest 3 on 21 September, in a nicely decorated venue in North Jutland.

The Movement’s new recruits and members were welcomed by activist Anders Dahl, who served as the day’s host.

A refreshments table was laid out with water, coffee, fruit and homemade protein snacks, while another table was full of leaflets, stickers, posters and T-shirts.

The host Anders Dahl bids everyone welcome.
Everyone got a good deal at the sales table.

Next to speak was Nest chief Jacob Vullum, who gave a powerful and informative speech about the Resistance Movement, activism, fighting spirit and the objective of the National Socialist struggle. This was followed by individual interviews with the new recruits.

Jacob Vullum speaks about the National Socialist struggle.
New recruits undergo individual interviews.

After the successful meeting, during which the Resistance Movement enlisted new members in the freedom fight, the activists went to a nearby town centre and put up over a thousand stickers and posters.