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Rob Rundo interviewed on Bellum podcast


INTERVIEW. The founder of Media2Rise, Rob Rundo, joins the Bellum podcast for an in-depth interview.

The co-founder of the Rise Above Movement, Rob Rundo, joined the fitness podcast Bellum for an extended interview on 1 May.

On the podcast, Rundo talked about his experiences of creating and popularising a nationalist training and activist culture, via a network of “Active Clubs”.

Rundo is also the director of Media2Rise, a media group that makes documentaries and reports on nationalist organisations and events, as well as the Will2Rise webstore. You can follow his activities on his Telegram channel.

The hosts of this episode of Bellum are Pär Sjögren and P-O Johansson, and guest host Martin Saxlind.

The English-language interview begins at 1 minute 18 seconds.

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