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Simon Lindberg speaks at Nest 8 monthly meeting


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Nest 8 recently held a well-attended monthly meeting which included training, a members’ meeting and an educational lecture by the Nordic Resistance Movement’s leader Simon Lindberg.

Outdoor martial arts training

On Sunday 9th February, Resistance men from Nest 8 gathered for an invigorating monthly meeting. The day began in the morning with outdoor martial arts training at a sports ground a few kilometres from the meeting venue.

After a rather tough warm-up exercise session, the group was divided into pairs and practised punching techniques with boxing mitts before some of the pairs switched over to sparring. The sparring was a bit rougher, and some bloodshed occurred. Although some of the participants were new to martial arts, spirits and energy were high during the exercise.

After wiping off the blood and sweat, the participants went to the gathering place, where they were met by more comrades. An important guest was scheduled for the meeting: the Resistance Movement’s leader Simon Lindberg, who was visiting to give a lecture entitled “What Is National Socialism?”, which he has given three times in other nests.

Simon’s description of National Socialism incorporates ideology, philosophy and spirituality, as well as the practical application of our worldview in the struggle for its realisation. For example, why should the National Socialist worldview be described in terms of visions for the future instead of a list of everything it’s against? Because it is revolutionary, and because visions rather than resentment give National Socialists the strength to continue the struggle for the ideas’ realisation in hard times.

Simon Lindberg describes National Socialism

As a taster, some of the most important points of Simon’s summation of National Socialism are listed below:

  • National Socialism has been described in simplified terms as: nature’s laws adapted for the Aryan man, a folk community, and what is best for our people in all possible aspects.
  • National Socialism is something more than the simple sum of the ideologies of nationalism and socialism. In our ideology, the commonly found chauvinism of cultural nationalism and the socialist principle of “everyone’s equal value” are absent. The folk community inspires the strong to help the weak, instead of exploiting them.
  • The most important pillar of the National Socialist ideology is race. Our race must be able to achieve its ultimate potential. National Socialists put their own people before others without unnecessarily seeking conflict with them. Within our own people, we strive for a folk community and not antagonism based on group interests, which is the case in ideologies like socialism, capitalism, liberalism and feminism.
  • The National Socialist state is authoritarian without being totalitarian. Referenda would be held in matters that affect people’s everyday life. More important decisions would be taken by a strong and efficient state leadership, which would bear the full responsibility for their decisions. The population would be armed according to the principle of one man, one weapon. As such, they would be able to depose a government if it failed in its mission to serve them.
  • National Socialism is imbued with an enormous respect for nature and its laws. This should not be misinterpreted as hostility towards progress. Technology will be utilised with care and in the service of the people and not for individuals’ and groups’ uncontrolled exploitation for their own gain.
  • Zionism can be said to be National Socialism’s antithesis in that it consistently aims to prevent the implementation of that which leads to what is best for our people.
A summary of what makes up National Socialism: (Clockwise from top: What is best for our own people, folk community, a people’s state, protecting nature and its laws, high-minded morality, self-improvement, truly revolutionary, anti-Zion

Next, acting nest chief Jimmy Thunlind took to the stage. He reported that the 91-year-old National Socialist Ursula Haverbeck, who is currently imprisoned in Germany for thought crimes, replied to the letter Nest 8 recently sent to her. In the convivial letter, Ursula wrote more about her situation and stated that future correspondence with her can be written in Swedish as she understands the language.

Nest 8 have heeded Frau Haverbeck’s words and have written another letter to her, which Jimmy read aloud at the meeting. In the letter, the situation in Germany is compared with that in Sweden vis-à-vis the repression of dissidents, with mention made of the Gothenburg trials et al. The letter also imparts more information about the Nordic Resistance Movement’s daily struggle and activities.

Nest 8 have recruited several new members since the previous month, and they were bid welcome at the meeting and received their proof of membership. The nest has also appointed new officers responsible for its wilderness activities and finances.

A large number of activities conducted during January were also exhibited at the meeting, including training sessions, a wilderness excursion, two spectacular activities, and basic activism in several municipalities. The meeting ended with the screening of a new video by the nest’s media personnel from the very successful public activity in Nyköping on 25th January. Finally, the day concluded with a much-anticipated meal served by the organiser group.