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Simon Lindberg’s New Year’s Speech of 2019


RESISTANCE NEWS. The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement presents his annual speech for 2019, in which he summarizes the past year and encourages continued struggle in the next.

This speech was broadcast in Swedish on New Year’s Eve on Nordisk Radio. Below is an English translation:

Good evening!

In the last few years, my New Year’s speeches have largely been focused on our success and proof of this success in the form of increased repression from the system. This speech will deviate somewhat from this and be a little different.

But this will not be a black-pilling speech that will make you turn to drink on New Year’s Eve to drown your sorrows. Absolutely not, because 2019 had plenty of success in store for our struggle (as well as the subsequent continued repression). But 2019 has also been a year filled with challenges never seen before – personal challenges for me (and I’m sure for many others), as well as organizational challenges.

Many of our Swedish readers will be used to hearing me on our podcast Ledarperspektiv. There I’m always open and transparent – I’m honest and I put my cards on the table, instead of giving rise to speculations and unnecessary rumours about various topics. I intend to do the same thing here, even though I probably won’t have anything new and salacious to report, but rather what is customary as the year comes to an end: repetition.

I personally went through a very tough divorce in 2019, and with it came an unplanned relocation 600 km to the north. Around the same time, my good friend and comrade Pär Öberg had a stroke. He has recovered, but it was quite tough at the time. As if that weren’t enough, all this coincided with an attempted coup within the organization. We were able to stave off the coup, but unfortunately it led to some very prominent people and activists leaving the organization.

In a completely unrelated matter, the head of the Danish branch departed a couple of months later, and another leading person in Denmark was detained. He is still locked up and has been forced, without trial, to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve in custody of the system.

All of this happened during a year which was already filled with challenges – a new organizational structure was about to be implemented, our focus would change in order for us to become better at internal and constructive activism, and a new nest was to be formed by separating one nest from another. All this in addition to the usual hardships that taking part in the oppositional struggle naturally brings with it.

In the middle of the attempted coup, a wise female activist said something along the lines of: “Pressure from without, repression from the system and attacks from our overt enemies – however hard they may be – always end up strengthening the group. But when pressure happens from within – however small – it can really cause damage and even ruin entire organizations.” Added together, all of these setbacks could have meant the end of the Nordic Resistance Movement in the year 2019.

We’re not just any people, however. For two decades we have built a foundation to resist this and all types of attacks we might have to go through. Fortunately there are also firebrands within our organization, for whom honour is loyalty, who have given their utmost to fight against the attacks. Together, the leadership and activists put down the attempted coup and made sure the Nordic Resistance Movement was able to remain the world’s leading National Socialist struggle organization, ultimately without any serious damage.

If you’re of a defeatist disposition, you might view 2019 as a failed year for the struggle, considering the split and defections. However, the poison of defeatism does not belong in our movement, and the truth is that challenges you overcome only make you more experienced and stronger. It ensures we are all the more prepared for even harder challenges that may come our way in the future, and it bonds those of us who have undergone these hardships even more closely together.

With this in mind, it could perhaps be said that 2019 has been the best year for the Nordic Resistance Movement in a long time. And with all the steps forward we’ve taken despite everything, maybe it was even the best year ever?!

But let’s back up a little. How did things go with all the challenges we set ourselves at the beginning of the year? Restructuring, forming a new nest and a change of focus on activities.

The structural change has been implemented, and that means the organization has been split into an activist division and a member division. The benefits of this, which have been observed in large parts of the country, are that we are better able to utilize everybody’s potential. Making better use of the people who are not fit to be street activists, but who have other things to contribute, while at the same time allowing the street activists to essentially be detached from matters other than those they should really focus on, like public and spectacular activism, physical workouts and survival skills.

We have not yet reached the goal completely, but we’re on our way. Those of you who enter our organization today will most likely feel more at home, be better utilized and be able to fill a function in a completely different way than before – whether you intend to belong to the spearhead of National Socialism or the mass movement.

Nest 8 – comprising the counties of Södermanland, Västmanland, Östergötland and Örebro – made great progress and quickly became one of the most active nests. But it would also be the nest that was second-hardest hit by the defections. So was it a case of ”going up like the sun and down like a pancake”, as we say in Swedish? No, not at all.

Because the fact is that Nest 8, despite its losses, continued to maintain an amazingly high level for the rest of the year. And I can proudly say that, despite what happened, forming this nest was a successful move. Nest 8 of the Nordic Resistance Movement is here to stay!

What about the change of focus in relation to activism? How has that turned out? Well, even though we’ve had less public activism than in past years, we’ve still failed, as we’ve been extremely active this year too… I’m just kidding, of course. It’s excellent that we’ve kept up the pace, and the intention was never to neglect public activism – it was just a change of focus – and we’ve managed to do that to a certain extent, at least.

The number of physical training exercises, martial arts sessions and preparations for activist tests have actually markedly increased this year, and more lectures and internal education sessions have taken place in one year than ever before in the history of the Nordic Resistance Movement. Both the experienced masters and completely new talents have stood at the speaking podium. We’ve also held more public actions compared to our other forms of activism than we have in the past, thus having engaged in qualitative activism to a larger extent.

As such, we have actually been successful, but still not fully to the extent I would have wished. In the coming year we will thus work even more on internal and constructive activism, as well as on the qualitative public actions. But 2020 will obviously not be completely lacking in everyday basic activism.

As I mentioned, Nest 8 was hit hard by the attempted coup, but the nest it split from, Nest 1, was hit even harder, both in terms of defections and losing a lot of people to Nest 8. So does this mean that the Nordic Resistance Movement has gone completely extinct in the Stockholm region, which is Nest 1’s primary area of activity?

With an immense amount of joy, I can safely say: No, absolutely not! The Nordic Resistance Movement lives and is still active all over the country – including Stockholm.

It’s true that Nest 1 was a little dormant for a very short period, but since then it has become all the more active by the week. Loyal activists and members have risen to the challenge and taken more responsibility upon themselves, and many new people have been recruited. Today I can say that things are moving forward in the capital region just as before. In some senses it’s even better. Two weeks ago a public action was performed in the most central parts of Stockholm without problems and without any help from other nests.

Regarding public actions in particular, we have carried out well over 150 of them all over the country – not just in Stockholm, but also in Gothenburg, Uppsala, Västerås, Örebro, Helsingborg and many other places. Speeches were also held during many of them.

For the most part the activities were completely calm and free from problems, with hundreds of leaflets being distributed, good discussions with the people and pats on the back from angry Swedes tired of the regime. On occasion some scuffles broke out, such as in the red city of Lund, where provocative left-wing extremists were beaten back without mercy!

The biggest confrontations of the year took place during our 1 May demonstration in Kungälv. This was despite the establishment trying their utmost to scare people away from participating in our demonstration – by threatening them with prosecution, by the left mass-mobilizing from all over Europe and by the police forming an iron ring around the gathering place with massive surveillance and profiling the opinions of everyone there. And although we simultaneously arranged a successful 1 May demonstration in Ludvika 400 km to the northeast, almost 300 demonstrators showed up in Kungälv.

On the way to the square where the speeches were going to be held, bangers were thrown at the procession by cowardly reds who took cover behind police vans, making it impossible for us to strike back. Of course the police protected the errand boys of the big capitalists, even though they threw projectiles at the police horses as well.

It was on the way back, after the successful speeches, that things heated up even more. Side by side, shoulder to shoulder – the advocates of genocide and police stood, lackeys of the system in both red and blue – and tried to attack the demonstrators with pepper spray, batons, poles, bangers, stones and bottles. Here we were able to strike back more freely, and both the police and the reds ended up on the ground when they tried to attack the Resistance men.

It was a truly memorable day that showed without doubt that the streets of both Kungälv and Ludvika – or wherever we wish – belong to the true advocates for Nordic workers of both mind and hand – the Nordic Resistance Movement!

Other memorable days of the year included occupying central Copenhagen for the biggest post-war nationalist action in the Danish capital, and the first public actions ever in Iceland, in Reykjavik and Akranes.

And why not mention the demonstration in Helsinki on Independence Day, the amazingly successful Nordic Days in Småland, defying the weather gods in Almedalen, both activist weekends in Norway, demonstrating against folk traitors in Mark Municipality and against the homo lobby in Ludvika, and of course our historical first actions in Greenland?

The everyday struggle is the one that has taken up most of our time in 2019 as well. Leafletting to households, setting up banners, and martial arts training. In total we have performed around 2,500 actions in Sweden alone this year.

The five Swedish municipalities where the most activism has taken place during the year are, in alphabetical order: Luleå, Norrköping, Stockholm, Trelleborg and Uddevalla.

All credit goes to you! Well done, comrades! The entire top 20 list, with the locations ranked according to the number of activities, rather than alphabetically, will be published in the written yearly report on Nordfront at a later date. Once again, to the comrades from these cities and from many other unmentioned ones, well done!

One type of activism not counted among the 2,500 activities or ranked by location is something that 2019 has been full of: namely, high-quality online Nazism. We have launched the English-language website nordicresistancemovement.org, which has been updated almost daily since then, as well as launching a website exclusively dedicated to our radio empire on Nordiskradio.se. We published the political web portal frittnorden.nu and used it as a campaign tool during the EU elections. We have also launched numerous new podcasts, a new TV venture and even our own musical artist.

As usual we have spent a lot of time travelling. Aside from the Nordic countries, which we don’t really see as foreign countries as we intend to unify them into one nation, we’ve had representatives on the scene during nationalist events in Bulgaria, Italy, Hungary, France and Poland. We’ve also had visits from even more countries during our own events here in the Nordics.

Even though I’ve really only scratched the surface concerning our activities in 2019, we can safely say that quite a few things have happened this year and that we have advanced our positions even further.

This has not gone unnoticed by the enemies of the folk. The system has reacted forcefully to our advance this year. They failed in convicting us for anything other than violent rioting in the infamous Gothenburg trials, where they tried to claim that participating in our demonstrations constituted hate speech. However, they did establish the prohibition against us in Finland since we are said to violate ”good manners”, while in Norway, where there is usually a bit more freedom of speech, the first Resistance men ever were sentenced to prison for ”hateful utterances”. They have continued doxing unconvicted men and women in the press solely because they are politically active, they have sentenced us for the seldom used law against ”illegal depiction of violence” and the Swedish Academy has sued us based on the even more rarely invoked ”protection of the classics” law.

The World Jewish Congress has released mendacious propaganda films about us, the Democrats in the United States have stated in Congress that we ought to be classified as a terror organization, and the government has, thanks to Morgan Johansson, both tried to ban the Tyr rune and continued working on a constitutionally restrictive legal bill meant to ban so-called racist organizations.

But no matter how much repression they throw at us, no matter how many lies they write about us, no matter how much they ban us and sue us – you can’t stop an idea whose time has come, and they will never ever be able to stop National Socialism. The Nordic Resistance Movement will never be silenced, either by internal or external enemies!

We have the year 2020 ahead of us, and it promises to be yet another great year for our cause. Thanks to all National Socialist fighters for the year 2019! If you’re reading this and you’re still not a member taking part in shaping the destiny of the Nordic countries and turning them into something more beautiful and glorious than the sludge the globalists want to submerge us in, it’s high time for you to join our ranks and do your part!

If you’re reading this and have been with us before, six months ago or ten years ago, but haven’t reapplied because of shame or because it might feel strange to come back, it’s about time to swallow your pride and report for duty once more. The nation needs you, and the Nordic Resistance Movement has a place for you, too!

So, regarding 2020. The year will be what we all make of it – from the smallest little sticker, news item and spoken word in any of our podcasts, to bombastic deeds and street activities with the Tyr rune flag blowing in the wind. If we all do what we can, and nobody tries to escape his duties, the year 2020 will become another fantastic year of struggle.

Hail to you, folk comrades. Hail 2020. To all of you from the bottom of my warrior’s heart: Happy New Year!