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Simon Lindberg’s thoughts on the mosque shootings


IDEOLOGY. The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement Simon Lindberg offers a comment on the recent mosque shootings and the possible correlations to the Nordic struggle.

By now everyone has heard the news about the apparently nationalist man Brenton Tarrant entering a mosque to the sounds of nationalistic music and shooting as many racial foreigners as he could. I have seen the video and have read his manifesto. Like many others, it is an event that has affected me and one which I have pondered during the course of the day. Here I share some of my conclusions.

It is hard not to feel some sympathy for the two main motives that Tarrant gives in his manifesto. Firstly that the white race is heading towards its biological destruction via extremely low birth rates combined with mass immigration of non-whites to all white countries. Non-whites who statistically have considerably more children than whites.

Why more people do not notice this simple conclusion and are not shocked into action by such knowledge is, and remains, one of the most important and burning questions there is today. Our entire existence depends on people beginning to understand and act on these facts. As such, this is the Nordic Resistance Movement’s most important task at this time: to smash through the layers of brainwashing that prevent people’s understanding, and to sweep aside the smokescreens of the egocentric trance that stops them doing anything about the problem, even if they know what it is. We must inform the people about the struggle and mobilise them to join it.

Secondly, Tarrant states that his actions are revenge for terrorist attacks committed by racially alien Muslims against innocent whites, and also for the many other murders, assaults, rapes and muggings by non-whites on whites the world over.

It is remarkable that none of the millions of siblings, parents, children, partners, friends, neighbours, colleagues, the surviving victims themselves, or just fellow human beings with a sense of empathy ever fight back and deal out at least a little justice for these crimes. That the white victims and their relatives just let themselves be walked over and stamped on is of course due to the same factors that cause them to accept their own biological destruction; i.e., that they are brainwashed, passivated, defeatist, egocentric and dejected.

In reality, there is really nothing strange about what has happened in New Zealand today. Rather it is more surprising that such things don’t happen more often.

One can look at it from a moral perspective. Death is death, and some will say that taking the life of another can never be justified. However, we whites have involuntarily been subjected to a low-intensive war of extermination over the whole Western world. In war, men die. Is it worse to kill someone with your own hands than it is to lobby for, push through and form an active part of policies that kill an entire race? The shooter also seems to have chosen his targets carefully to ensure that to the greatest possible degree it was not complete innocents who were the victims.

With all this said, however, I do not mean to uncritically praise this act, because even if I do not see it as something strange or automatically wrong on a moral level, I naturally do not believe that this single deed will lead to the situation getting any better for white people in either New Zealand or the world. I cannot speak 100% for what the situation looks like in New Zealand, or Australia where the perpetrator is from, but I can speak for the situation here in the Nordic countries. Here, the civil national struggle has momentum; the Nordic Resistance Movement is growing steadily and is gaining more influence. Furthermore, we are not totally prohibited here and, despite increased repression, can still somewhat effectively conduct our struggle the way we want in a legal manner. As such we can still succeed.

This means that such methods as those used in New Zealand would be counterproductive here, as they would lead to increased sympathy for our opponents and give the system legitimacy for even harsher reprisals. Believe me when I say that we will be attacked for this shooting in the Nordic countries as well, even though we have nothing to do with it. This act will be used to mobilize opinion against us in general and to justify a ban on us in particular. The ironic thing is that by banning us, the system would create an environment in which the risk of more of these acts occurring would increase considerably.

Our struggle is a struggle for survival. It’s about either winning or disappearing – not only for us National Socialist activists, but for our entire people, including both the memory of our ancestors and the future life of our descendants. So it is for our children we fight. For their survival. A ban will not stop us.

If illegal methods are the only remaining way to make one’s voice heard, it is not particularly strange or wrong if something illegal happens. In a situation such as that I would not in any way condemn it. On the other hand, I hope that such potential future Nordic national partisans will set their sights higher and strike against the global elite who pull the strings, rather than the puppets they control – but that is another issue.

Methods such as these are more an expression of desperation and an attempt to take as many enemies with you as possible than they are an effective effort to actually change the situation on a large scale, genuinely and permanently. It was not through individual terrorist acts that our ancestors became rulers of the world. Likewise it was not through individual acts of terror that our enemies dethroned us and took over the positions of power previously held by our ancestors. No, it was by organizing. It has been a prolonged process of victories and losses, where the actors had to be patient. It is by the same means that we are struggling and growing. That is how we will win.

Do you understand that something needs to be done? Good. Are you brave enough to do what is required? Even better, so do it and join us!

If you do not share the same conclusions as I do and believe that Brenton Tarrant’s path is more appropriate than mine and that you are actually prepared to sacrifice what is needed to go down this route and not just use it as an excuse to do nothing, then it would be illegal and perhaps even inappropriate for me to encourage you to act. Therefore I say instead: stay far away from us, for both your own sake and ours.

The Nordic Resistance Movement does not engage in terrorism (even though the system wants us to, so they would have a good reason to ban us). We are a revolutionary struggle organization that acts civilly and legally. Having said that, we do not distance ourselves from white people who take action – even though they act differently than we would.