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Ski trip and camping in Sweden’s Nest 5


WILDERNESS ACTIVITY. On Saturday, 20 February, members from Sweden’s Nest 5 met with invited guests to complete an overnight ski trip.

On Saturday, 20 February, members of the Nordic Resistance Movement, together with other invited guests, met in a location somewhere in the forests of southern Dalarna.

NRM Nest 5 ski trip skis

The purpose of the gathering was to conduct a cross-country ski trip with overnight camping. Many of those present had never been on a ski trip in this terrain before, so the day began with a short briefing.

NRM Nest 5 ski trip weight

Some packs that had been brought along for an unknown purpose were distributed. The participants’ bags were weighed, and those with the lightest packs were rewarded with additional weight in the form of an iron stove. Two sledges with unknown contents were also assigned owners.

NRM Nest 5 ski trip

The day coincided with a change in climate. Instead of conducting the ski trip in minus-degree weather as planned, there was rain and plus-degree temperatures. This had its advantages, however, as the trip became more challenging because the participants risked getting wet.

NRM Nest 5 ski trip

After setting a course towards the day’s first goal, the group moved off over a clear-felled area. The skiers in the lead had to make a trail for those further behind in the party, especially the ones with sledges. The first man chose the direction, while the followers widened and flattened down the snow on the trail.

Soon, after passing the clear-felled area, which was followed by woodland and bog, they reached their goal: a shelter located beside a lake.

NRM Nest 5 ski trip

Here, the participants were given the task of making a fire and boiling one and a half litres of water. They were just able to complete the task within the set time frame, resulting in them being rewarded with having lunch, which was prepared on site.

NRM Nest 5 ski trip food

The organiser also took the opportunity to issue the participants with an ultimatum – either they had to give up nicotine for the rest of the ski trip, or give up supper. The choice was easy. Even the most inveterate nicotine user had to admit that food was more necessary than snuff.

Soon the journey resumed, this time towards the spot where the evening camp was to be made. The load was redistributed, and the stove and sledges received new carriers and pullers, respectively. The journey continued over a lake, across bumpy terrain, then across another lake.

NRM Nest 5 ski trip

The intended campsite was finally reached, and duties were assigned. The participants with the widest skis were given the task of flattening the snow and then shovelling in additional snow to level the ground, while others were allotted tasks such as chopping wood.

Next it was revealed what the two sledges contained, which had been shrouded in mystery until this point. At the beginning of the activity, the organiser had stated that the purpose of the sledges was to train the participants to pull cargo across the terrain, and that the load consisted of random heavy objects. But to the delight of the participants, this turned out not to be the case. Instead, a large military tent was unpacked, to which the aforementioned iron stove belonged.

NRM Nest 5 ski trip tent

Eventually the participants were able to cook food and then go to bed and sleep, something that was much needed after the day’s trek. It rained heavily during the night, but thanks to the tent, the comrades avoided being exposed to the elements.

The next day, the group woke up to another task. The organiser decided that the participants would learn a new way to warm up people who had gotten wet out in the wilderness. For this exercise, a hole had been hacked in the ice a little way out on the lake. After the night’s rain, a layer of cold water lay on top of the ice, which the participants had to splash through on the way to the hole, before standing there with their feet underwater for a while.

NRM Nest 5 ski trip

When they returned to the campsite, another participant had to warm up the bather’s feet by placing them under his armpits, something that turned out to be very effective.

NRM Nest 5 ski trip tent

An experience richer, the men packed up the tent to leave the campsite and return to the trip’s starting point. After helping one another bring the sledges all the way back, the activity ended at 16.00.

The Nest would like to thank all the participants, and of course the organiser who planned the activity!

NRM Nest 5 ski trip