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Social Days in Denmark’s Nest 1


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Members from Denmark’s Nest 1 gathered for their Social Days event last Saturday, which included team-building exercises, self-defence techniques and paintball.

Active members from Nest 1 in Denmark gathered for a Social Days event last weekend. The day consisted of various challenges and good comradeship.

The group spent the first few hours on a hike, which incorporated several cooperative exercises along the way.

The first exercise was to build a stretcher to transport an iron ball. The participants were only allowed to use two long sticks, four ropes and two small pieces of wood. The iron ball then had to be transported through the hilly countryside. If it was dropped, the exercise had to start over again.

The group also had to keep their eyes peeled from start till finish, as several objects had been hidden along the hiking route that needed to be found for use in later exercises.

Members build a primitive stretcher to carry the iron ball

After a successful hike carrying the iron ball, the group went on to practise self-defence techniques.

Members of the Nordic Resistance Movement have a fondness for boxing, but this time basic self-defence techniques were practised. This included low kicks, neck holds and many other exercises and techniques.

After the self-defence training, there was also a throwing contest, a campfire-building challenge and other informal competitions.

When the competitions were over, it was time to tally up all the points the participants had earned during the day’s exercises and competitions.

The winner was presented with a fine handmade wooden cutting board that had been branded with a Tiwaz rune.

A happy winner

The final part of the event took place elsewhere and came as a surprise to the participants. Excitedly, the group relocated and later arrived at a nearby paintball field. The mood among the comrades was high, with everyone looking forward to playing.

The group divided themselves into teams and the next few hours were spent running around in the mud, flanking opponents from the forest and conquering the terrain.

A pleasant day of comradeship and high spirits then came to an end. Satisfied and happy, everyone left with high expectations for the next Social Days event.