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State paranoia and higher ideals


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Danish Nest Chief Jacob Vullum gives his first statement after his release from prison.

Jacob Vullum released from prison

Just over eight months ago, I temporarily left the struggle, my family and my everyday life to serve a prison sentence for a crime I was not involved in. I was recently released and am now home again with my family as a stronger and wiser person.

One thing you become more aware of in prison is the system’s paranoia towards National Socialism and those who sacrifice themselves for the National Socialist cause. Before my sentence even started, the system’s paranoia revealed itself: Normal practice was circumvented in order to place me in a closed prison instead of an open one, even though closed prisons are normally intended for long-time prisoners serving more than five years.

Immediately after my arrival at Kragskovhede Prison, in northern Jutland, I was informed of my sentence and told that I should not expect to be allowed out on leave or parole, which again indicates the system’s paranoia regarding National Socialism. The prison service and police were also of the opinion that it would be far too dangerous for me to be at large and able to radicalise White youths, so they decided that instead of serving four months followed by parole, I would be locked up for all eight months.

It was precisely due to the system’s paranoia towards National Socialism and radicalisation that several abnormal measures were enacted during my imprisonment. The prison service, on instructions from PET (the Danish Security and Intelligence Service), placed me in an almost totally Black section of the prison, where one other White man and I had to serve time with 10 racial foreigners. Why would a chief in an organisation that seeks to deport the majority of racial foreigners from the Nordic countries be placed with an excessive number of such people? Because PET wants it that way, was the answer from the prison service staff.

Jacob Vullum speaks at Nordic Resistance Movement demonstration in Copenhagen, Denmark
Jacob Vullum gives a speech during a demonstration in Copenhagen

Maybe they wanted me to realise that Arabs and Africans are actually good people to be around, or that I would break down, put my tail between my legs and ask for admittance to PET’s “deradicalising” EXIT programme and leave the struggle. None of that happened, however. When someone holds true to his views – both in relation to himself and his enemies, strong in the belief that National Socialism must win, and will win, if White people are to have a future – it radiates strength. In my case, this saw PET give up their deradicalisation efforts, and made the racial aliens respect my resoluteness, despite the fact that I didn’t hide the Resistance Movement’s policies on repatriation from them.

My imprisonment with racial foreigners passed without problems, but it was nevertheless welcome when I was moved to another prison about four months into my sentence. Whether this was due to lack of space or because it was easier for the prison service and PET to monitor me in a newer prison, I don’t know. Regardless, I was moved south to Enner Mark Prison. Here the system’s paranoia showed itself again, as all the books I had brought with me from Kragskovhede were confiscated. A pattern emerged, in which one hand of the prison service didn’t know what the other was doing. Even the effort to isolate me from other Whites failed, as I ended up in a completely White section of Enner Mark Prison. If the system had been worried about the radicalisation of other Whites, they had now blatantly shot themselves in the foot.

During numerous conversations with my new temporary living mates, I was met with widespread agreement regarding National Socialism and the National Socialist concept of a state. Almost everyone I spoke with was also deeply concerned about the population replacement and the LGBT agenda.

However, I learned that a true understanding of National Socialism requires a personality grounded in values that are rarely found in modern man. Can someone as a modern man, with a modern set of poisoned values, just call themselves a National Socialist and expect to be able to change the world? Or can only a movement of true National Socialists with their instincts intact carry forth this struggle for our destiny?

The Resistance Movement often highlights three ideals: loyalty, honour and strength. But different people’s understanding of a concept like honour depends on their own value-system. Some people’s honour is connected to liberal values, while the honour of National Socialists is connected to the National Socialist value-system. For the National Socialist, honour means loyalty to the ideals that for him are natural and which have secured his people’s prosperity and greatness throughout history. When acting in relation to these ideals, the National Socialist approaches every question in life with honour as the goal – this is what separates us from the “ordinary” modern man, and those who just call themselves National Socialists.

Loyalty, honour, strength
Loyalty, honour, strength

Equally as dangerous as the ongoing population replacement is the White section of society that does not realise it is led by foreign ideals. In my conversations with my fellow inmates, impulses for escapism, individualism and anarchism lurked behind their insights into the population replacement – foreign instincts in a poisoned modern mind.

I have now been released from prison after serving my full sentence, and in many ways I have returned to “freedom” as a stronger person. I used my time to read Alfred Rosenberg’s The Myth of the Twentieth Century, as well as his political diary; I learned various machine skills in the prison workshop; I improved my physique in the gym. But my greatest insight was the simple acknowledgement that no people can win their freedom while they are led by foreign ideals. We must individually and collectively put our acquired pettiness behind us and strive for higher ideals – a better morality for the incredible people we naturally are.

The realisation that so many are so far removed from our true morals as Nordic people will entail an increased focus on loyalty, honour and strength – both externally and internally – as I resume my work in the Nordic Resistance Movement.

Hail Victory!

– Jacob Vullum