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Statement on Danish members convicted of vandalising gravestones


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. An official statement from the Nordic Resistance Movement’s Nordic Council.

In connection with the so-called “Kristallnacht of 2019”, two members of the Nordic Resistance Movement in Denmark were arrested under suspicion of throwing balloons of paint at a bank and for overturning and pouring paint on gravestones in a Jewish burial place in Randers. They were remanded in custody for almost four months while the police conducted house searches and confiscated mobile phones and computers.

During this preliminary investigation, the police also came across more suspected criminal offences by Jacob Vullum Andersen, who at that time was chief of Nest 3 in Denmark. These included his suspected involvement in the vandalism of premises connected to the left-wing extremists Anti-Fascist Action (AFA), repainting an LGBTQ bench, and several cases of “hate crimes” committed by sharing various things on the Russia social media site VK.

The Danish media convicted both suspects in advance, and Vullum Andersen had his name and photograph published in nearly all of Denmark’s newspapers.

The Nordic Resistance Movement previously discussed the case on the official Swedish podcast Ledarperspektiv, where the organisation’s leader Simon Lindberg explained that we naturally do not support vandalism of cemeteries, but also that listeners should remain calm, not jump to conclusions and not listen to everything in the media.

The court announced its verdict a month ago, with both of the accused being convicted of all charges. Vullum Andersson was sentenced to one year in prison. The other person is still waiting to be notified of their punishment.

On several occasions over the years, we have seen how Nordic Resistance Movement members have been convicted for crimes despite their innocence and without any credible witnesses or technical evidence. Instead, people have been convicted on purely circumstantial evidence in political trials – something that has been even more common when there has been extensive pressure from the media.

Due to these factors, the Nordic Resistance Movement has – as usual – carried out its own investigation of the case, in which the evidence has been thoroughly reviewed and the persons concerned have been questioned. The accused chose to remain silent about everything during both the preliminary investigation and the trial, but in our own investigation, Jacob Vullum Andersen admitted committing the damage to the bank in Randers, and being involved in the action against the AFA premises and the LGBTQ bench. However, both suspects deny any involvement in the vandalism of the cemetery.

There are neither witnesses nor any technical evidence whatsoever that points to any other conclusion. There are no traces of DNA, no footprints, no communication or anything at all that connects the two suspects to the vandalism of the cemetery.

The court has chosen to convict them because A) according to technical evidence, they appear to have been in Randers on the same day the vandalism of the cemetery is suspected of taking place, B) a sticker of a Star of David similar to those found at Vullum Andersen’s home (though not exactly the same) was placed on a gravestone, and C) green paint which “may have been” the same colour as the one used on the tombstones was present at the home of the other suspect.

Given that Vullum Andersen admitted during our investigation that the two suspects were in Randers on the same night and conducted a paint action against the bank there, none of the above contradicts their denial regarding the vandalism of the cemetery. As such, there is absolutely no evidence they were involved in it.

As we mentioned when discussing the case on Ledarperspektiv, it has been historically very common for “false flag” actions to be conducted against various Jewish targets by Jews themselves, or by “anti-racists”, to acquire increased sympathy and/or insurance money, and to allow the system to crack down on nationalists. In this case, even if one chooses not to believe the suspects’ statement to us, there is at least as much evidence – or as little – to suggest that this is the case this time as well.

The only thing we know for sure is that the two suspects carried out an action against the bank in Randers on Kristallnacht, and that the next day witnesses saw the cemetery was vandalised with a similar green paint as that used against the bank. When the vandalism of the cemetery actually occurred is unclear, but it could have been several hours after the action against the bank.

Based on this investigation, the Nordic Resistance Movement has decided to acquit the two suspects accused of vandalism of the cemetery.

Jacob Vullum Andersen speaks in Copenhagen in 2019

The other charges are not viewed as serious enough to warrant an exclusion from the organisation, so we therefore welcome Jacob Vullum Andersen back to the struggle for a free and united Nordic Nation under the auspices of the Nordic Resistance Movement!

– The Nordic Council, the Nordic Resistance Movement