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Sweden’s Nest 2 on the streets of Skövde


ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 2 held a day of activism and training in Skövde on Saturday, 12 June.

The activists and members met early on Saturday morning for a full day of activities in Skövde, Västra Götaland County.

They began by hanging up banners outside of town.

NRM banner above road in Skövde, Sweden
“Radical struggle”

NRM banner above road in Skövde, Sweden

The Activist Group then went to the centre of town to conduct a public leaflet distribution. The group positioned themselves on Hertig Johan’s Square with leafleters and a banner with the message “White workers built this country – White workers can take this country back!”

Nest 2 NRM banner activity, Skövde, Sweden

The fine weather and milder corona restrictions meant there were quite a few people on the streets. Several stopped to ask about the Resistance Movement’s politics, or to express their positive attitude about the message being proclaimed on the day.

Nest 2 NRM activity, Skövde, SwedenA number of discussions took place, including one with a non-European woman who believed she was entitled to stay in the Nordics because she had paid taxes all her life. However, it was explained to her that this isn’t about economic issues, but rather our racial survival.

Police car at Nest 2 NRM activity, Skövde, SwedenThe police also decided to participate in the activity. They asked questions about how many Resistance members were there and how long they intended to stay. They weren’t too happy when they were simply asked in return: “How long do you intend to be here?” and “How many of you are participating in your activity?”

Police at Nest 2 NRM activity, Skövde, SwedenThe leaflet distribution ended after a couple of hours, and the group moved on to the P4 training facility. There they ran an obstacle course a couple of times before the session was concluded with some strength training in the form of tyre-lifting exercises and bench presses.

NRM training sessionNRM member lifts large tyre during training sessionAfter the training, the group went to a lookout point, where they enjoyed a barbecue together and discussed the day.

NRM barbecue