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The latest fake news from Iceland


RESISTANCE NEWS. After the historic public activity in Reykjavik last month, the media in Iceland have been writing a lot about the Nordic Resistance Movement. In particular, a paper called Stundin has been very active. Below is a translated text written by the chief of the Icelandic branch about the matter, together with a cartoon by one of our members.

The fake news outlet Stundin has been very busy lately, writing several articles about us online and publishing a newspaper issue with our comrades on the front page. They clearly see themselves as self-appointed moralists in a war against the “bad people” who dare to have other opinions, other worldviews than theirs. They have appointed a group to investigate us and seem to be quite interested in milking more news stories from us. Most Icelanders will realize Stundin are trash media.

A journalist named Steindór Jónsson has already written several articles about the Resistance Movement, mostly rabble-rousing and nonsense. One might say he is a good example of extreme tabloid journalism where they think they are “alerting the people in the country to danger” that they seem to think we cause. People should be fully aware that we want to protect our nation and build up the country, and to unite with the other Nordic countries in one state. The great Icelandic author Gunnar Gunnarsson was one such proponent of this idea. If the employers of Stundin and their lackeys consider us dangerous, there is little we can do to help them. Mob outrage and playing with other people’s emotions is something these people know how to do well. The stamps of political correctness are constantly used against people who do not agree with them.

We do not recall ever having lured anyone to join us like some political parties do when they offer hot dogs and pizzas to buy votes from the public. People make contact with us because we stand for something which fascinates them. One thing is clear: the photos which Stundin has published on their website, information and conversations on chat boards on social media etc. is without any approval from us.

In August last year they published an article about a 17-year-old boy which claimed we sent a text message to his phone asking him to join us. The Post and Telecom Administration in Iceland contacted us because of unrequested communications. We of course did not send this message or contact him in any way. This article was written by a woman named Sara Mansour. This is total fake news from beginning to end, where they stop at nothing to sell newspapers.

What we want to point out is that the working methods of the staff at Stundin show how far they are willing to go just to make us look bad. To us, they are just poison-spreading vipers.

Icelanders, do not let the media vipers affect you! Reach out to us if you have any questions regarding our movement.