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The Nordic Resistance Movement honours fallen heroes in Budapest


EVENT. A delegation from the Swedish and Danish branches of the Nordic Resistance Movement attended the annual Day of Honour event in Budapest, Hungary, at the weekend. Simon Lindberg was among the speakers.

Nationalists in Budapest hold a memorial for Hungarian and German soldiers in World War II

The Day of Honour is held to commemorate the 30,000 Hungarian and German troops who broke out from the Siege of Budapest on 11 February 1945. The troops had endured over 100 days of heavy attacks from the Soviets before escaping the city and delivering thousands of civilians to safety. The manifestation is held annually to honour the memory of the soldiers and to encourage the continuation of our combined struggle in the same courageous spirit.

This year two events were arranged in the capital. Representatives from the Nordic Resistance Movement, along with approximately 400 other participants, took part in the event in Városmajor Park, organised by the newly formed nationalist group Legio Hungaria.

Nationalist representatives from several countries hold a memorial ceremony in Budapest for Hungarian and German soldiers in World War II

After a short march through the park, the attendees arrived at a memorial monument dedicated to WWII, depicting German and Hungarian soldiers shaking hands. Here speeches were held in a variety of languages: one in Hungarian by a member of Legio Hungaria, one in German by a spokesman for the German party Die Rechte, and one in English by the Resistance Movement’s Leader Simon Lindberg. After the speeches there was a musical performance and a wreath-laying at the foot of the monument by various organisations. Finally the national anthems of Hungary and Germany were played.

Simon Lindberg speaks at a World War II memorial in Budapest

In addition to attending the ceremony, many interesting contacts were made with nationalist-minded people from several European countries.

Below is the transcript from Simon’s speech:

Fellow Europeans. Brothers and sisters. Today we gather on a true day of honor.

In fact, the actual day with a capital D – is not until Monday, but those same, devoted soldiers, we honor here, had been in a full scale invasion from the red plague, for more than 100 days, when the 9th of February 1945 arrived, so there is nothing wrong with paying tribute to their brave struggle already today.

Their ranks consisted of Hungarian and German men – young men, slightly older fathers, even older, grandfathers. They were workers of the hand and workers of the mind or they were students. Whatever their background, their age or their career might be in peacetime, it had no role to play here – the only thing that mattered was the shared, pure blood in their veins, their honor, strength, loyalty, discipline, and the willingness to sacrifice for their people and fatherland.

There was also an understanding that globalist communism was going to crush Hungary and later Germany, if the Soviet hordes wasn’t stopped. There was a collective memory and knowledge of how Bela Kun, with a council of predominately foreign origin, harboring pure hatred and revulsion for the Hungarian people, had ruled Hungary briefly in the past. It was a short but violently, intense time of red terror – directed at the Hungarian people.

The Soviets came as self-proclaimed peacemakers. They offered “generous” terms and conditions, if the Hungarians and Germans would voluntarily surrender, and lay down their weapons. The offered conditions may have tempted a cosmopolitan Bolshevik, but certainly not a free, white, man.

Instead, the soldiers dug in, determined to follow their honored duties and orders: to defend Budapest at all costs. Unfortunately, the red hordes were able to penetrate into every nook and corner and ultimately made it impossible for Germany to send any more support. At the same time, they forced the Hungarian and German troops continually back.

Finally, on the 11th of February, 1945, they were no longer able to hold out. About 30,000 of the brave fighters, who had seen so many of their comrades fall dead to the ground, and who had themselves taken as many lives as they could from the enemies, now had no choice but to break out from the city.

They were met with massive gunfire from the Soviets during this breakout, and in addition, the Soviets used cannons and antitank artillery against the retreating soldiers. Even tanks were used to plow straight into the masses of soldiers on the narrow streets, with the intention of crushing as many as possible into the ground, beneath the caterpillar tracks. During the 45 kilometers long road out of Budapest, the fighting soldiers fell one by one, but they gave tenacious resistance, and for every soldier who fell, three Bolsheviks went down with them.

In the end, when they finally were “free”, there were less than 1000 survivors. Budapest stood in ruins, filled with dead bodies, and with blood literally flowing in the streets. Among the bodies were men who were still alive, but injured, who were later on tortured and murdered by the Communists. As if all of this were not enough, with all of the men essentially gone, the new and hate-filled rulers of Budapest attacked and raped nearly 200,000 women in the city.

This true story, from this city’s past, could be a huge black pill, for sure, for the conclusion was truly tragic. But stories of de-feat are equally important to remember, and can motivate us to fight even today.

The thousands who fell, and the few who survived the breakout, are equally heroic as those involved in victorious battles, particularly, considering their commitment in a totally impossible mission. They are worth remembering, honoring and celebrating – and through our remembering them here, through our very existence, through our shared blood, THE HEROES LIVE FOREVER!

Another positive aspect of this story, is that we – are – here – today, and that we are – who we are. We are the carriers of this pure blood, filled with honor, strength, loyalty, discipline and sacrifice for our people and for the fatherland. At our side, not physically present here today but scattered all over the world, stand tens of thousands – perhaps even hundreds of thousands or millions, of women and men. The dark forces might have won the battle, but they have not yet won the war. The national resistance did not die in 1945 – we are alive, AND WE STAND TALL AND WE STAND UNCOMPROMISED – EVEN TODAY!

But are we deserving of this comparison with these men? Can we really compare ourselves with those. who with arms in hand, fell for their nation in battle against the eternal enemy – dying for their people and their country? Naturally, we cannot compare ourselves when it comes to actions, since circumstances are different, rather I am speaking of a mentality and a will and an attitude.

Even when it comes to this, you might still ask yourself If we are the same as those men who stood their ground, uncompromised, and who colored these very streets with their own blood?

My answer is, that it is up to each one of you, to either embrace and fulfill this honorable comparison, or recognize, that you must improve yourself in order to be worthy of it. And I am speaking to all of us. If we are to prevail, if we are to succeed in breaking away from the chains of globalism, if we are to succeed in securing our people’s existence and succeed in creating a free Europe consisting of independent and homogeneous nations – then we must all become, what these former soldiers were.

We must recognize that this struggle is not a subculture or a hobby. We must build ourselves up, physically and mentally. We must acquire knowledge, and become the absolute best that our bloodline allows us to be. And we must turn our backs on the burdens of materialism, the junk culture offered by Hollywood, and liberalism’s eternal pursuit of disengagement and decadence and we must avoid the destruction that inevitable follows.

We must not be afraid to show our faces, and not be afraid to face the dangers, of being a part of a resistance movement, that is in true opposition to the rotten system of Cultural Marxism. We must dare to be radical and speak the truth, even when the truth is not what the democratized wage slaves in today’s Europe want to hear. And we must never distance ourselves from those who are more radical than ourselves in their fight for this struggle, even if we find their methods counterproductive at times.

No, we must be honest, principled and uncompromising – ready to face any dangers that stand in our way and we must spread the knowledge to our peoples of their real enemy number one.

I am not talking about Islam. Sure, Islam is one of many symptoms of a totally upside down Europe – but it is not the main enemy. The real enemy is not either communism or the homo lobby, although, these are clearly each a head on the hydra.

No my comrades, our real enemy, the one behind all the masks and facades, is the international, self-proclaimed elite, who has taken over the media, the banks, entertainment, law and education systems in our countries – I am of course talking about the COSMOPOLITAN GLOBALISTS!

I want you now in silence to be self-critical, and examine yourselves for a moment, and really think about whether you have what it takes, and if you are doing what it takes, to deserve to be compared to these brave heroes that we have gathered here today to honor. If not, reflect, on whether you understand what is required, and if you are prepared to actually make the change to take you there.

Are you, the inheritors, of the brave men and women, WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES IN THE STRUGGLE FOR OUR EUROPE?

Will you continue to work, and grow, to become the ones who will be remembered in 75 years from now as the HEROES WHO IN 2019 FOUGHT IN THE STRUGGLE FOR THE PEOPLES AND COUNTRIES OF EUROPE?

And will you continue the fight – regardless of the cost – until VICTORY OR DEATH?!

This is all what is needed for us to make the progress we need.

The enemy may outnumber us. The enemy may have more resources. But the enemy can never ever have what we have – what the fallen men and women had in 1945 – our pure blood, honor, strength, loyalty, discipline and a willingness to sacrifice for our people and fatherland. That, my fellow Europeans, is why WE SHALL STAND VICTORIOUS!

And with that, I thank you most humbly from all of your allies in the Nordic countries! You can follow our struggle at our new English website nordicresistancemovment.org.

Thank you!

A policeman films a nationalist memorial ceremony for WWII soldiers in Budapest
In Hungary, as in Sweden, the police invest a great deal of resources in seeking out “hate crimes”

Wreaths laid at the foot of a WWII memorial in Budapest