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The Nordic Resistance Movement meets Der Dritte Weg


ACTIVISM. The Nordic Resistance Movement and the German national revolutionary socialist organisation Der Dritte Weg recently met in Denmark for a friendship ceremony.

The Nordic Resistance Movement’s Danish branch met the German national revolutionary socialist organisation Der Dritte Weg in Faaborg on the island of Fyn. Der Dritte Weg has previously met with Nordic Resistance Movement departments in other Nordic countries, and this time it was the turn of the Danish department to form links of brotherhood with the organisation.

Der Dritte Weg has existed in its present form since 2013, but a large number of its members (as well as its ideology) come from much older, similar movements that have been made illegal in Germany and subsequently disbanded.

Der Dritte Weg’s political programme in similar in many ways to the Nordic Resistance Movement’s. Der Dritte Weg’s ten-point programme is as follows:

1. Creation of a German socialism

  • The aim of the party Der Dritte Weg is the creation of a German socialism far away from exploitative capitalism as well as egalitarian communism.

2. National economy (territorial)

  • The aim of the party Der Dritte Weg is the nationalisation of all key industries, public services and welfare, banks, assurances and large companies. For the restoration of self-sufficiency with basic foods, it is necessary to fund self-reliant economies of individual – and family businesses and, especially agricultural holdings.

3. German children is what the country needs

  • The basics of the population policy of the party Der Dritte Weg is the rigorous funding of families with many children to prevent an imminent extinction of the German people. The party Der Dritte Weg demands the introduction of death penalty for child murder and other capital crimes.

4. Preserving our homeland

  • To preserve the national identity of the German people, the foreign domination of Germany and the constant abuse of asylum procedures have to be stopped immediately. Criminal and long-term unemployed foreigners have to be deported step by step.

5. Strengthening of civil rights and freedom

  • The party Der Dritte Weg determinedly fights the increasing observation and restriction of the citizen’s privacy and public freedom. Ethos paragraphs of the criminal code and surveillance powers of the government need to be deleted without substitution.

6. Social equity for all Germans

  • Each German has the right of personal property, free practice of religion, the right of housing, medical care, the right of training and development, culture and free time, pension scheme and the right as well as duty to work. Therefore, the party Der Dritte Weg claims the introduction of a statutory minimum wage.

7. Environment protection is protection of (cultural/national) heritage

  • The aim of the party Der Dritte Weg is the creation and the restoration of a liveable environment, the preservation and development of the biological substance of the German people and the promotion of health and well-being.

8. No German blood for foreign interests

  • The party Der Dritte Weg rejects the deployment and maintenance of foreign military bases on German territory. The involvement of the army in wars out of area is completely excluded. The aim of the party Der Dritte Weg is for the withdrawal from NATO.

9. Creation of a European Confederation

  • The aim of the party Der Dritte Weg is for the withdrawal from the European Union (EU) and the creation of a European Confederation based on the European cultures and the common history that is supported by the will and the sovereignty of the European peoples.

10. Germany is bigger than the FRG (Federal Republic of Germany)

  • The aim of the party Der Dritte Weg is the peaceful restoration of Great Germany with its original frontiers according to international law.

Ritual and traditional
The meeting with Der Dritte Weg was both ritualistic and rooted in tradition. The two organisations’ representatives met in the beautiful environs of Pipstorn Forest near Faaborg.

The Nordic Resistance Movement members positioned themselves amidst ancient stone circles and dolmens with their Tyr Rune flags to welcome the 17 members from Der Dritte Weg. The two organisations’ flags complemented one another well in the green surroundings of the oak woodlands.

After everyone had greeted each other, it was time for a speech by Der Dritte Weg’s Julian Bender and Tony Gentsch. It was a speech of friendship that emphasised the brotherhood and shared direction of Der Dritte Weg and the Nordic Resistance Movement. It was followed by the reading of old letters from Danish volunteers in the Waffen SS, as well as an exchanging of flags. Der Dritte Weg also gave the Nordic Resistance Movement a gift as a symbol of their shared struggle for blood and soil: three pouches of earth from three areas of Germany – west, south and central.

After the ritual ceremony, the members had a chance to talk and get to know one another before leaving Pipstorn Forest and going to Faaborg harbour. Here they boarded Der Dritte Weg’s boat, which had brought them from Kiel to Faaborg. There was lots of talk, laughter and sharing of experiences onboard before everyone enjoyed dinner in the lounge.

The group continued to talk for another couple of hours before taking a group photo. The Nordic Resistance Movement’s representatives then thanked Der Dritte Weg for an enjoyable meeting before disembarking.

With a strong friendship between the two groups now established, both organisations are looking forward to more meetings and cooperation in the future.