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The Nordic Resistance Movement VS the Left Party in Munkedal


ACTIVISM. The Left Party planned to demonstrate against the Nordic Resistance Movement in Munkedal, but the Resistance Movement stole the Left Party’s intended venue and took over the show, completely humiliating the leftist rabble.

On Saturday 27 August, activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement gathered in Munkedal to respond to a provocation from anti-Swedish forces. Earlier in the week, the Left Party had announced they would “march against Nazism and racism” in Munkedal, together with other sections of the so-called labour movement, trade unions and youth movements.

The Nordic Resistance Movement – which is standing in the municipal election in Munkedal with its candidates Fredrik Vejdeland and Samuel Johansson – saw this challenge from the Left Party as an opportunity to make a show of strength as to who really owns Munkedal’s streets.

Fredrik Vejdeland, Nordic Resistance Movement
Fredrik Vejdeland held a speech on the day

The activists gathered in Örekilsparken, about 500 metres from the town centre, and began the march towards the square, holding banners and flags aloft. Once at the square, on the spot where the Left Party were going to speak, they rigged up a loudspeaker system. Then, right when the stray women and beta cucks entered the square, National Council member Fredrik Vejdeland began to speak.

In his speech, Vejdeland explained that he already knew what the Left Party would talk about because they are “predictable as hell” and only repeat the same platitudes all the time. He countered their “argument” that the Nordic Resistance Movement are racists who hate and divide society, and went on to speak about the current population replacement and the repatriation that must take place on ethnic grounds. In the speech, he also invited the Left Party to a debate, a challenge that would be repeated many times throughout the day.

Nordic Resistance Movement, Munkedal, Sweden

Nordic Resistance Movement, Munkedal, Sweden
After the speech, all eyes turned towards the Left Party

The scarcely thirty people from both the Left Party and Social Democrats looked extremely uncomfortable about the fact that the “Nazis” they wanted to remove from “their” streets had occupied the square where they were going to hold their anti-Swedish rally. The activists stood with their backs turned to the Left Party as Vejdeland’s speech boomed out to the people of Munkedal, who had stopped in curiosity to see what was happening. When the Left Party began to speak a few metres away on the same square, Vejdeland made sure to raise his voice so that only the Nordic Resistance Movement’s speech could be heard.

After about 20 minutes, the speech was over and the activists moved closer to the Left’s meeting to listen to what was said. Between the speeches, the Left Party were encouraged to engage in a debate and were heckled for being hypocrites and cowardly politicians.

Nordic Resistance Movement, Munkedal, SwedenLeft Party, Munkedal, Sweden

After a couple of poems and weak speeches, the Left’s meeting was over, and the activists immediately sought a debate with their representatives. Several attempts were made to talk to the speakers at the event and to Malin Svedjenäs, the group leader for the Left Party in Munkedal, but to no avail. The Left Party simply did not dare to have a debate.

Following a couple of short conversations, the Left decided to try to march back to their gathering place at the train station. But the Resistance Movement’s activists were not satisfied that the Left Party’s politicians – who had lied about the organisation’s members in the local media – were just going to sneak away without being held to account for their lies. As such, the activists made a manoeuvre to block the path of the Left’s march; however, after a few minutes, they let the march pass, before following after it.

Left Party, Munkedal, Sweden
The Left walk back to their gathering place. They are laughing now, but…
Nordic Resistance Movement, Munkedal, Sweden
…guess who’s standing around the corner!

The Resistance Movement walked after the Left Party while chanting slogans. Once they arrived at the Left’s premises at the ABF building, the Resistance Movement stood with flags and banners while – in a calm and civilised fashion – attempting to start some kind of debate with the leading Left Party representatives in Munkedal. The leftists were surrounded and were asked critical questions while the whole situation was filmed.

Nordic Resistance Movement, Munkedal, SwedenNordic Resistance Movement, Munkedal, Sweden

The questions asked were relevant ones. Such as: How will it benefit Swedish workers’ conditions and job opportunities when the Left Party, according to MP Nooshi Dadgostar, want an even more generous immigration policy in Sweden? The leading leftists did not know what to say and made for embarrassing figures when confronted by the Resistance Movement’s activists. One of the most timid was Malin Svedjenäs, who seems to be a lot braver when she is sitting behind a keyboard.

Left Party, Munkedal, Sweden
The Left Party did not dare engage in a debate

Instead of having a debate, the Left chose to slowly move into their building like a funeral procession and lock the door behind them. Some of them were glimpsed inside, lurking behind the curtains, while the Nordic Resistance Movement activists stood outside and chanted, “No communists on our streets!”

NRM, Munkedal, SwedenThe verbal games with the Left Party lasted for about half an hour, before the leftists fled the venue and the activists decided the action was over and departed. On the way back, they discussed what an incredibly successful day it had been, but also how the Left’s lack of arguments and their speeches appear to reflect the fact that they live in a completely different world to regular people.

About four hours later, this was confirmed when Malin Svedjenäs wrote the following on the event’s Facebook page: “My Munkedal offered festivities, song and a manifestation for everyone’s equal value! We showed the Nazis that we stand up for a Munkedal for all!” As we know, the Left’s propaganda is not always consistent with the truth, and the Left Party gave the Resistance Movement’s activists a good laugh with these words. It is no exaggeration to say that in reality the Left Party had their location taken from them, were outvoiced so they could not be heard by the people of Munkedal, were pursued and heckled, and ultimately completely humiliated.