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The Nordic Resistance Movement’s election participation – 2022


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The Nordic Resistance Movement announces the candidates standing on its revolutionary platform in the 2022 Swedish elections.

A Revolutionary Choice - NRM Swedish election 2022

The revolutionary National Socialist alternative in this year’s Swedish elections – the Nordic Resistance Movement – will officially contest the municipal elections in Ludvika, Munkedal, Vetlanda and Örkelljunga. The organisation will also stand in the national parliamentary election.

In Ludvika, the top name on the list is Nordic Council member Pär Öberg, who sat on Ludvika Municipal Council from 2014 to 2018. Next on the Ludvika list is the veteran and honorary member Vera Oredsson, followed by the long-time activists Nicklas Norling, Emma Karlsson and Markus Nordh.

Pär Öberg presents a motion at Ludvika Municipal Council
Pär Öberg presents a motion in Ludvika Municipal Council

In Munkedal the lead candidate is the National Council member and Chief of Nordisk Radio, Fredrik Vejdeland. The second candidate is the loyal activist Samuel Johansson.

Fredrik Vejdeland Nordic Resistance Movement speech
Fredrik Vejdeland speaks at Organisation Days 2021

The lead candidate in Vetlanda is the Chief of Nest 7, Hampus Maijala, followed by the longtime member and podcast host Noora Isojärvi.

Hampus Maijala speech in Jönköping, NRM
Hampus Maijala gives a speech in Vetlanda in 2021

In Örkelljunga the list consists of two faithful activists, esteemed speakers and writers: the lead candidate Sebastian Elofsson, and the second candidate Marcus Hansson.

Sebastian Eloffson with Nordic Resistance Movement flag
Sebastian Elofsson serves as a flag bearer during an activity in Helsingborg

The list for the parliamentary election consists of the Nordic Resistance Movement’s National Council and is therefore headed by the leader of the organisation, Simon Lindberg. The second name on the list is Pär Öberg, followed by number three Fredrik Vejdeland, and last but not least, Robert Eklund as name number four.

Simon Lindberg and Robert Eklund, Nordic Resistance Movement conference
The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement, Simon Lindberg, with Robert Eklund

The candidates will be presented in more detail in the coming months, ahead of the election in September, while local political programmes will be released and election ballots will be made available for order from motståndsrörelsen.se.

Supporters living in Sweden who wish to support the Nordic Resistance Movement’s election campaign, either locally or nationally, are recommended to join the fight in the first instance and support us financially in the second.

The Nordic Resistance Movement 2022 – A Revolutionary Choice!