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The Nordics’ most dangerous man speaks


LYING PRESS. The Leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement shares his thoughts after being named one of the world’s most dangerous men.

Simon Lindberg in The Sun newspaper

This week I was featured in one of the world’s largest newspapers, the British publication The Sun, as one of the most dangerous people on the planet. On the list, which was later republished by the Swedish newspaper Expressen, I was accompanied by prominent figures from militant and terrorist-classified organisations such as IS, Hezbollah, Hamas and al-Qaeda.

The Nordic Resistance Movement is a civil and legal resistance movement. We also have a registered political party and stand in elections. The organisation has never carried out any terrorist acts.

I am a completely public and open person who works and has a family, and I have never even been convicted of any crime serious enough to warrant a prison sentence.

How could I end up on this list? This is a clearly justified and very natural question. To answer it, we must look at what unites the people on the list, despite the enormous differences between us: We all pose a threat to the liberal-democratic capitalist system and the globalist world order. This threat is posed to varying degrees and for completely different reasons, but it’s large enough to create concern among the ruling elite.

The Nordic Resistance Movement’s vision of a free and united National Socialist Nordic Nation is diametrically opposed to their Cultural Marxist destruction of all natural values and the enslavement of humanity. Our diligent work over more than two decades, in combination with the fact that we have stood firm and never budged an inch – despite repression and adversity – has given us an organisational structure that few other nationalist groups in the world even come close to.

All in all, this means we are viewed as a huge threat to the power of those who rule today. They see a potential for growth in us that gives them the chills. They understand the enormous appeal of National Socialism and know that our work breaks down their barriers of lies and brainwashing and makes the people increasingly receptive to us. They know the same thing as I do – that in time we have a very good chance of winning, and naturally they will do everything they can to prevent it. One stage in this process is to ban us, and one step in succeeding in that aim is to first lobby for a ban.

And what more obvious way to lobby for a ban than by linking us to the world’s most hunted, banned and infamous terrorists?

It is of course completely absurd that I am on this list, but these people have no scruples at all – they are the masters of manipulation and will trample over people’s graves to get where they want to go.

As ridiculous as this is, it is also a great honour to be recognised in this way. Maybe it’s the finest accolade I have received in my entire life. To be regarded as equally dangerous to the system as ISIS’s terrorist attacks or Hezbollah’s missiles on the basis of mere words and propaganda is of course an honorary distinction like none other. And being ranked as the most dangerous person in all of the Nordic countries, as well as one of the five most dangerous in Europe and one of the 20 most dangerous in the whole world – without having been involved in any person’s death whatsoever – can even be classified as something astronomical.

As should be the case when receiving a significant award, I therefore say: Thank you to all our organisation’s comrades who helped me get here – it would never have happened without you. Together we will continue to fight with undiminished power – let the future show that our ideas and our fanaticism are just as dangerous to the globalists (and thus favourable to our people) as they fear!