IDEOLOGY. In this article, the Resistance Movement’s Norwegian leader, Haakon Forwald, explains how Nordic men and women can reclaim their lives.

As I’ve stated before, most recently in my article “Fight for the North!”, the nationalist movement often has a bad habit of spending a large amount of time and energy focusing on society’s ills. Don’t get me wrong: it’s important to document and shed light on what’s happening to our countries and people, but at the same time this needs to be balanced with a positive message, a message that serves to remind us what we are fighting for and not just what we are fighting against.

Mass immigration – just one of many symptoms
There’s no doubt that mass immigration is a huge threat to Europe and the Nordics. If it isn’t stopped and reversed, it will effectively destroy the whole continent, for good. Race, ethnic distinctions, culture, identity, science, beliefs, traditions and so on – everything will be wiped out. Put simply: the world’s white population will be annihilated if there is no resistance. That is the painful truth.

However, it’s important to remember that mass immigration is just a symptom. This cannot be emphasised or repeated too often. It is a symptom of a sick country and a sick people, a symptom of a people who have been under constant attack for a long, long time. In no way do I think that opposition to mass immigration is wrong. We must fight against it tooth and nail, but we must also remember that mass immigration is just one of many tools, or rather weapons, that are used to destroy white civilisation.

A war that has lasted for generations
Mass immigration is a direct consequence of a war that has been waged against the world’s white civilisations for generations. The fact that European men and women currently accept an outright INVASION of their lands says a little about how effective this war has been. We have been attacked on a broad front for a long time. Sworn enemies of the white nations of the world have committed cultural, spiritual and intellectual warfare of biblical proportions, all to tear down our moral and mental immune systems, as well as our people and civilisation.

In order to see the result of this warfare, just visit a random European capital city. How does it look? What are the demographics like? Can you travel safely there at night, or in the daytime, for that matter? What are the crime statistics? Is there prostitution? Drugs? Pollution?

Let’s take another example. What does the youth of today spend their time doing? Do they pursue healthy activities? Do they possess good moral values? Do they watch constructive films and TV programmes? Do they listen to pleasant music with a positive message?

What are the most popular TV programmes these days? Which films are shown at the cinema? What magazines are people reading? What kind of music? Are there positive white role models for white boys and girls, or men and women, in any of the above? Do they promote wholesome values and morality? What kind of “intellectual” diet are people being fed in today’s society? And, most importantly, what do you think the result of all this will be?

The revolution starts with YOU!
So what should we do? How are we going to overcome these problems? By tearing them up by their roots! After all, with the exception of mass immigration, most of the aforementioned issues are things we can control in our everyday lives. So, I say again – tear this filth up by its roots!

Start with yourself. Take control over your own life. Throw away your TV, and decide for yourself what you will fill your mind with. Read books about history, ideology, philosophy, art, and so forth. Listen to beautiful and uplifting music, music with substance, meaning and maybe even a positive message. If you watch a film, make it a decent one you can learn something from. Get in shape. Work out. Eat healthy food, and cut out bad habits. Learn self-defence. Start a family. Take care of your children, and bring them up to be the opposite of today’s declared role models.

The list is endless, but the main lesson is that you must take control over your own life. Our existences must be reclaimed, both physically and mentally, and we as a movement, as a unit, must be smarter about accentuating the positive. We must not focus exclusively on what we are fighting against, but also what we are fighting for, and why.

Every person is like a building block, an important individual part of our race as a whole. Only by starting with ourselves, by practising what we preach, can we bring about the changes that are necessary to reclaim the Nordic nations and free our people.
The revolution begins with YOU!