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The revolutionary struggle must remain radical!


IDEOLOGY. Samuel Almroth writes about the importance of radical and revolutionary struggle.

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When talking about radicalism (our radicalism), one should also note how our principle opponents – the enemies of the people – act in an extremely radical way.

Since 1945, the international Zionists have gradually succeeded in manipulating and corrupting Western governments and the banking systems to such an extent that they have almost complete power today. For decades, thanks to their total control of the mass media, in conjunction with their extensive influence over popular culture, the indoctrination of the globalist ideology of Cultural Marxism has become so deeply rooted in the majority of Europe’s population that today it is considered taboo to express anything positive about our ethnic origins and cultural heritage. Through this carefully planned process of self-hatred, we White people have not only degenerated in a spiritual sense, but also in terms of character and intellect. We are therefore easily led into being attracted to and following superficial mainstream culture and/or other destructive subcultures, instead of embracing healthy values and following natural ways of living.

Our “popularly elected” representatives (the globalists’ obedient puppets), sitting in their ministerial posts and managerial positions within the many sections of government, pursue highly radical policies of mass immigration, neo-liberalism and Cultural Marxism. It is therefore not possible to defend against this powerful, single-minded and aggressive force if you yourself are not willing to act equally as single-mindedly and radically.

When it comes to the conservatives, they never set any offensive goals; therefore they will also never utilise offensive methods or advocate offensive measures. Indeed, one can’t help but wonder if they are aware of this fact themselves. This is presumably why they are only capable of routinely claiming that society was so much better 15–20 years ago. In order for us to wage a successful struggle against the system, which will inevitably oppose us with increasing severity over time, we require radical methods of struggle. To achieve revolutionary goals, radical methods are required!

After the end of World War II in 1945, several groups arose in Western society that sought to counteract the globalists’ advancing influence. However, these earlier associations operated on a reactionary basis rather than a revolutionary one, in contrast to our steadfast, action-oriented organisation. Through our revolutionary worldview and our upstanding conduct in the face of the system’s extreme repression, the fact remains that we are the only real offensive resistance to the cosmopolitan-orchestrated system that currently rules the whole North and the rest of Europe with an iron fist.

After 80 years of resistance against these evil, power-hungry forces that seek to destroy our people, it can be observed that the resistance has been principally dominated by reactionaries and conservative elements. This is precisely because the enemy does not perceive these types of regressive manifestations as an existential threat, but only as a counterforce which, at best, merely delays the devastating developmental course the enemy has created and continues to drive forwards.

The globalists have constantly advanced their positions by being radical, offensive and politically aggressive. However, the national movement as a whole has had a tendency to become liberalised and pacified over time. As for the National Socialist groups within the national movement, they have lacked vision, unlike the NSDAP. Earlier minor Nordic National Socialist organisations (before the founding of the Nordic Resistance Movement) lacked the revolutionary character required to defeat the anti-White system. In most cases, these movements essentially only looked back to the Third Reich as an answer to all of the world’s problems. Unfortunately, some groups of modern National Socialists still do this today, despite the fact that a successful revolutionary movement can never be built by going back a hundred years in time and copying the methods of the progenitor organisation. This is a continuation of the conservative and reactionary mindset.

Nordic Resistance Movement banner at Alternative for Sweden rally, Stockholm

Instead, the existential struggle demands that we march with our eyes fixed on the horizon. If we strive to move forwards, we will grow. Nature offers no middle ground. Either we suffer defeat and eventually go extinct, or we grow strong and reconquer our territories. The other option is doom for our race and culture.

So far, conservative views have been in the majority – predictably in the wider reactionary national movement, but also to some degree in our own ranks as well. However, the conservatives do not want to define the future or strive for change. They want to prevent the future. This is because they never have answers to the questions that will be asked tomorrow, but only those that were asked yesterday. In short, it’s safe to say that if you follow such a simple-minded philosophy, you will never survive in the struggle for existence.

If we are to form the vanguard of the Nordic race, we cannot just prevent further developments; it is absolutely necessary to be the force that takes the initiative to create change. Only in this way can we secure our survival!

We can therefore confirm the following: that reactionary and conservative “nationalists” can never achieve great positive reforms, as they lack the ambition for genuine change. Instead they work only to maintain that which already exists, with the exception of a few very marginal issues. At the same time, these blocs are constantly under attack from radical and revolutionary forces. From a strategic point of view, they can only lose. It is a law of nature!

The Nordic Resistance Movement - A revolutionary choice

The only organisation with a chance to win the fateful battle for the continued existence of our race is a true revolutionary National Socialist movement like the Nordic Resistance Movement. Only we and our equals from future generations comprise the true opposition – those who possess the unconquerable mentality and spiritual will required to seriously challenge the system and ultimately prevail.

/ Samuel Almroth