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Training and outdoor monthly meeting


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Comrades from Sweden’s Nest 2 gathered to train together and hold their monthly meeting on 10 July.

Stone-carrying training exerciseOn Saturday, 10 July, activists and members from Nest 2 gathered for their monthly meeting and martial arts training in Trollhättan Municipality.

The warm-up for the day consisted of interval running around a football field, plus some stretching. After the warm-up, the group moved quickly on to a heavy physical workout centred on rock-carrying.

Stone-carrying training exerciseThe exercise involved lifting rocks that weighed 35–80kg and carrying them for a distance of 10 metres and back as quickly as possible, for as many times as they could manage. As the comrades grew more fatigued, the distance was increased to a total of 60 metres.

Stone-carrying training exerciseStone-carrying training exerciseAfter the strength training, it was time for a short rest before the martial arts got underway. The focus for the day was chiefly on technique, even though some attendees couldn’t help practising sparring and other skills too.

Martial arts training, SwedenChildren also took part in the exercises, which is something we take for granted, as the Resistance Movement firmly believes that everyone can benefit from physical activity.

Nest 2 trainingStone-carrying training exerciseWith the training for the day completed, everyone headed to the shore of a nearby lake to hold the monthly meeting. When the meeting was over, a barbecue was served, and those who wanted to cool off took a dip in the picturesque forested lake.

Nest 2 Chief, Nordic Resistance Movement
Nest Chief Mattias Sigvardsson informs attendees about plans for the coming month