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Uddevalla council boss considers paedophilia a part of democracy


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The Nordic Resistance Movement informing the public about paedophilia is a “threat to democracy” according to Uddevalla’s Culture and Leisure Committee director Maria Lehto.

The council physically cordoned off the site of the Nordic Resistance Movement activity due to “threatening” plastic tape

Uddevalla’s Culture and Leisure boss Maria Lehto has referred to the Nordic Resistance Movement’s recent information campaign against paedophilia as a “threat to democracy”. In addition, the local newspaper Bohusläningen (The Bahusian) described the activity as a “Nazi action”, without informing its readers that the activity was directed against paedophilia.

The comments were in response to the Nordic Resistance Movement’s symbolic action on 18 March at the LGBT-café Bryggeriet in Uddevalla, during which activists cordoned off the premises and put up a notice on the door informing passers-by about the homo lobby’s work to legalise paedophilia.

The notice described how several representatives for the homo lobby, including the former chairman of the RFSL (Swedish LGBT Federation), Kjell Rindar, has openly promoted paedophilia. During Rindar’s leadership, the RFSL had a “paedophile working group” in the organisation, and despite being a known paedophile leader, he inaugurated the Stockholm Pride event in 2011.

In response to the Resistance Movement raising awareness about the homo lobby’s connections to paedophilia, The Bahusian writer Niclas Jonason went on the defensive with a heavily biased article in which he accused the Resistance Movement of spreading “threatening” propaganda. Jonason didn’t report the contents of the Resistance Movement’s message on the door; however, and in order to prevent people from investigating the matter for themselves and drawing their own conclusions, he didn’t mention which organisation was informing people about the paedophile activity.

Instead the article was a sob story featuring statements by Maria Lehto that called for the anti-paedophile information campaign to be regarded as a “threat to democracy”.

“We shouldn’t have to have this in 2019 in Sweden,” she told the newspaper.

Lehto explained how the plastic tape caused the Culture and Leisure Committee to go a step further than the Nordic Resistance Movement. While the Resistance Movement’s cordon was symbolic, and used tape that was easy to remove, the Committee chose to physically block off the LGBT café.

A message from the NRM warning about subversive activity
Putting up important information about paedophile operations is not appreciated by Niclas Jonason and Maria Lehto