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Video and speech from 1st of May


1 MAY. We present Resistance Media’s video from our day of tribute to the Nordic worker, together with Simon Lindberg’s speech in written form.

The video features the speech that was written and delivered by the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement and which was also given by other speakers, with small modifications, in Vetlanda, Munkedal, Örkelljunga, Luleå, Denmark and Norway. The entire speech is also reproduced below in written form:

Today, on the commemoration day of the labour movement, we National Socialists traditionally choose to pay tribute to the White worker, because we truly believe White workers deserve to be honoured and celebrated.

1st of May is no longer a day when we must stand on the barricades for shorter work days, more secure jobs or the right to paid leave. No, all these things were introduced long ago in Sweden, partly because the Social Democrats copied the pro-worker policies that Adolf Hitler introduced in Germany back in the 1930s.

There is no doubt that these and other rights have been restricted here and there. Temporary employment is becoming more common than permanent employment. Temp agencies occupy more space on the labour market, hiring out staff to perform various services, instead of employees receiving more secure jobs directly from a company. New unreasonable demands have been introduced for employment, such as requiring injections and vaccine passports, or having the right political opinions. And yes, due to the enormous profits of big business and the technical advances made since 1919, when the eight-hour work day was introduced, we should be able to demand a six-hour work day with the same salary, without any major problems.

But even though conditions could be better for workers, and even though there are definitely storm clouds on the horizon, it would still be incorrect to say that the situation workers find themselves in today in regard to their working conditions is as bad as things were 100 years ago.

The fight for better working conditions may not be as relevant now as it was then, but I believe it is actually even more important to honour and pay tribute to the worker today than it was 100 years ago. After all, White workers are the ones who built this country. This fact was widely known in times past, but it is ignored today in every conceivable context. Seldom do White workers get any recognition at all, and never the recognition they actually deserve.

Because it was White workers who built our towns and cities, who felled the forests and replanted them anew, who defended our people and nation against the enemy. It was White workers who raised generation after generation of new White workers, mothers, warriors and explorers. Without White workers in Nordic history – without our ancestors and their hardships – neither we nor this country would even exist today!

Today, instead of elevating these working heroes, the merits of the rich capitalists are often held up as the reason for our progress. However, the truth is that money is just 1s and 0s. It is only worth something because we accept its value, but without workers who perform the required labour services, money is worthless. Without blue-collar workers building houses and roads, without farmers growing crops and rearing animals, without college-trained workers educating our children in school or taking care of us in hospitals, and many, many more, this country would come to a standstill, regardless of how much money certain people have in their bank accounts in the Cayman Islands.

Instead of elevating the White indigenous people of this country, the merits of racially foreign immigrants are often cited as the reason for our progress. But the truth is that we managed perfectly well in the North before gang rapes and humiliation robberies. We managed wonderfully without no-go zones, accusations of racism and Rinkeby Swedish. Believe it or not, Sweden also did really well before all the Somalian rocket scientists and Afghan brain surgeons came here in recent years. And I know it sounds incredible, but White men and women can even cook pizzas and drive taxis too!

Today we pay tribute to White workers, because it is the White workers who built this country. Because it is the White workers who ARE this country!

You may be Swedish or Finnish. German or Polish. Serbian or Ukrainian or Russian. Have blonde or dark hair. Blue or brown eyes. Today we celebrate men and women from across the entire magnificent diversity of the White race.

You may be a plumber or a staff nurse. A civil engineer or a lawyer. You may be a student or even temporarily unemployed. An hourly worker or a business owner. It is the men and women who want and attempt to contribute to society and the people – and who want to do right by themselves, in whatever way that may be – that we honour today.

Beat your chest and be proud of who you are. Be proud White workers.

But I won’t just talk about positive things and pay tributes here today. The bitter truth is that this country we have built has now been taken from us. It has been stolen from right under our noses and given away to others.

We no longer have power over our own lives, and even less over what happens in society around us. Security has completely disappeared. Foreign gangs are growing, as is the crime directed against us. Cities are on fire. Everything that is natural is turned upside down. Perversion and decadence pervade all around us, and they want our children subjected to it too.

All higher values – strength, honour, truth and justice – are being erased, and instead there will be only slavery, materialism and addiction. Community is disintegrating at the cost of egocentrism.

The fact is that even we White workers are now being replaced. White workers must no longer be allowed to exist.

The reason for the ongoing population replacement; or genocide, to put it plainly, is that the power structure knows. The elite fear you, comrades. The lords on the very highest of horses shake in fear at the thought that we White workers still have the possibility of taking our country back!

We can depose the traitors. We can render the parasites powerless. We can send the foreigners home.

We can become masters in our own house once again. We can reintroduce a folk community, honour and common sense.

If we march under the banner of National Socialism, there are no limits to what we can achieve. We even have the potential to create the world’s leading nation!

We just have to understand that we actually can. That together we have the power we need. That we no longer have to have things the way they are. That power belongs to us if we just decide that it does. Then, once we understand that. Once we have decided. Then we must stop clenching our fists in our pockets, join together, get organised and start taking things back. Start FIGHTING back!

White workers – you have the power of change within you. We were the ones who built this country. We can take this country back!

If not for your own sake, then for our children’s and grandchildren’s. So that there can still be White workers in the future!

We who stand here today are called the Nordic Resistance Movement. We are perhaps the only organisation in the North that truly defends White workers. We fight for you every day. But no matter how persistent, sacrificial and hardworking we are, we cannot do this alone. We also need you by our side.

Come with us and work. Come with us and fight. Come with us and take back what is rightfully ours.

Because, no matter what the Left screams about, these are OUR streets. No matter what the gangs boast about, these are OUR cities. No matter what big finance claims, this is OUR land and OUR nature. Ludvika is ours. This is our country and NOW it is high time we take it back!