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Warm welcome for Nest 5 at Grängesberg market


ACTIVISM. On 21st of September, members of Nest 5’s activist and members groups visited Grängesberg’s open market in Ludvika Municipality to distribute leaflets and encourage kinsmen to join the Nordic Resistance Movement.

The response at the market was very positive. Many people took the time to stop and engage in friendly discussions with activists and members, and many drivers and passengers in passing cars gave the thumbs-up.

The activity took place during possibly the season’s last sunny day, without any problems from leftists or the police.

Grängesberg is now established as a National Socialist zone. Although people are still too comfortable to join the true resistance in large numbers, sympathy for the Movement in the town is widespread.

After the activity was over, the group decided to eat at the local Stopet restaurant. It was a fine end to a great activity in which the whole Nest participated, either by being on the streets or by making banners and other equipment.