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“We are no damn politicians!”


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The election is long over, but the struggle goes on. Here follows an accompanying message from the Nordic Resistance Movement’s media group.

Following the election, the organisation’s leader Simon Lindberg wrote an article in which he analysed the results, concluding it with the following words:

The Nordic Resistance Movement went to the polls under the slogan “A Revolutionary Choice”. The Nordic Resistance Movement will now also continue after the election to fight under the same slogan. Even though the political election charade is over for now, we remain on the streets and squares in a city near you and continue to call on you to make the revolutionary choice you will never truly be able to make with a ballot paper.

Even though the Nordic Resistance Movement is a registered political party that stands for election, we make it very clear that our parliamentary work is only one of many tools to help us achieve success in other ways. The party is just a parliamentary branch of a much larger organisation.

We are living in exciting times, and there are many signs that we are heading towards much tougher circumstances and perhaps even true revolutionary conditions. We do not need you in our ranks when all breaks loose, but now, beforehand, as we prepare ourselves and build the organisation that is required to be able to conquer tomorrow.