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Weekend of action in Southern Norway


ACTIVISM. Activists and members from the Norwegian branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement recently held a successful weekend of action in Southern Norway.

The Resistance Movement in Grimstad

On the weekend of 22/23 February, activists and members from the Nordic Resistance Movement held a successful series of activities in Southern Norway.

On Saturday morning, a number of Resistance men gathered at one of the Nordics’ biggest shopping centres – Sørlandssenteret in Kristiansand – to conduct a public leaflet distribution. The comrades divided up into two groups, each starting at one end of the shopping centre, and gave out the Resistance Movement’s political programme to visitors. The activists received positive responses from people who stopped for pleasant conversations. Although one of the groups was made to leave the shopping centre, everything went peacefully.

Sørlandssenteret shopping centre in Kristiansand

Once the activity at Sørlandssenteret was over, the tour moved on to the town of Lillesand, where the comrades walked through the streets and handed out our political programme to passers-by. Afterwards, the activists stopped at one of the most crowded parts of the town centre to continue the distribution. Apart from one or two offended globalists, the activity in Lillesand also passed calmly.


The tour then went on to the town of Grimstad, where members stood outside the Odden Senteret shopping centre to once again give out the Movement’s political programme. After a while they moved farther up into the town centre and met a couple of people who wanted to stop for a chat on the way. Once in the middle of the town centre, the members stood on all sides to cover all the entrances and exits.


During the activity, the activists were approached by an upset man who claimed to be a biology student and was absolutely convinced that we all originate from apes in Africa. The fact that recent research indicates that we originally came from Europe was completely unknown to him, and he refused to look into the matter further. As a supposed biology student, he was also referred to read the books Roots and Race on Frihetskamp.net.

An offended “biologist”

After a while the police showed themselves and asked for the IDs of all the participants, while also forbidding any further activity.

The Resistance men then carried out another ambulatory leaflet distribution before continuing to Sørlandssenteret to have something to eat and conclude the day’s activities.

On Sunday morning comrades went to Kjevik Airport, where they started by giving out leaflets inside the airport with information about SAS’s anti-Scandinavian advert. After that they stood outside the entrance with a banner and leaflets and encouraged people to boycott SAS.

The action was concluded by hanging the banner up on a fence by the airport’s vehicle entrance in good view of all drivers.

More photos from the weekend: