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White Lives Matter rally in Örebro


ACTIVISM. Nest 5 and Nest 8 were in Örebro on 18th July to hold a rally with a speech and leaflet distribution.

Nest 5 and Nest 8 met in central Örebro on Saturday 18th July to hold a White Lives Matter rally. Jimmy Thunlind had prepared a speech on the subject, which he delivered on the town square.

After a brief meeting, the group walked to Våghus Square in central Örebro. Everyone was in high spirits and full of expectation at the prospect of holding a public activity with comrades they usually only meet at national events.

Upon arriving at the square, the activists unfurled their banner with a simple yet apparently provocative message: “White Lives Matter”. Jimmy Thunlind then informed everyone of the organisation’s presence and the coming speech.

When the speech concluded, a leaflet distribution began on the square, with the activists taking the opportunity to talk with a number of passers-by. The conversations varied depending on the participants, with everyone from racial foreigners, die-hard opponents, regular people and sympathisers asking the comrades about their message.

After talking with the people for a while, the group were visited by the local media, who wanted to interview Jimmy about the activity and the White Lives Matter slogan.

The interview turned into a very long conversation, with the interviewer for the Nerikes Allehanda newspaper actually seeming to be interested in the message. How much of the interview they decide to publish in an honestly edited form remains to be seen.

The group were continuing to hold discussions with locals when the police decided to make their obligatory appearance. However, the officers soon left the scene when they realised that the town square had probably not been this safe and peaceful on a Saturday for several years.

Finally some members of what the media likes to call “youth gangs” visited the square – in other words, racial foreigners with a bad attitude. They were less interested in discussing politics and more interested in asserting their presence on the square. But after a simple rebuke from the activists, they kept at a safe distance.

After a couple of hours of productive conversations, the day was concluded, and the activists walked back to their gathering place. The comrades then thanked one another for their excellent collaboration, before driving back to their respective hometowns. One of the highlights of the day in Örebro was how well populated the town square was, which ensured many people were interested in stopping for a chat.