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Wilderness activity in Nest 5


COMMUNITY. On 20 July, members and activists from Nest 5 took advantage of the unusually sunny summer weather to hold a social gathering in the forests of Dalarna.

Nest 5 Nordic Resistance Movement activist in the forests of Dalarna

The location of the gathering was chosen in advance by members of the Nest, who had scouted out the area during the week. The site included a grill, several shelters and a small cabin, as well as a fishing lake.

Some of the participants waded out into the water to catch some fish, but to their disappointment there were no bites on the day. One of the fishermen, activist Nicklas Norling, had borrowed a casting rod from a comrade. When he came back without any bites, he claimed that “there must be something wrong with the rod”, before going back to grilling sausages. Whether there actually was something wrong with the rod (or his casting technique) was never ascertained.

Nest 5 camping

The comrades had also heard tell of cloudberries growing in the area, and the rumours proved to be true. Unfortunately, the harvest turned out to be a little meagre, but it was augmented with some wild blueberries.

Cloudberries and blueberries

The day was enjoyed by everyone present: members, activists, children and dogs. The activity had been designed so everyone could take part. The short hike to the destination was good exercise for the faster participants, while a more relaxing drive was available for the children and others.