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Wilderness activity in Nest 8


SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Comrades from Sweden’s Nest 8 recently enjoyed a camping activity with canoeing on Hunn lake.

On the morning of Saturday 15 August, the activity’s participants met in the village of Rejmyre, on the shore of Hunn lake in Finspång Municipality, Östergötland County. The lake is part of a larger lake system which also includes Magnehulte Lake and Lake Tisnaren. The activity was designed to be a family- and child-friendly event.

The canoeists on Hunn lake.

The weather gods bestowed their benevolence upon the group in the form of sunshine and a light cooling breeze. After a few hours’ paddling in the blazing sun, the comrades reached the campsite, which was situated on the shore of a small verdant island.

The island where camp was made.

The Resistance Movement’s beautiful flag was put up and waved proudly in the wind, visible to many passers-by in canoes, motorboats, rafts and jet-skis. There were numerous strong reactions, with everything from victory salutes to furious bellowing observed.

The Tyr rune flag waves proudly in the wind.

As both the temperature and the comrades’ spirits were high, there was a lot of bathing in the lake throughout the day. This was interspersed with the picking and consumption of blueberries, as well as fishing with both fly rods and casting rods. As mentioned, the activity was intended to be of the relaxed variety…

The comrades fished with both fly rods and casting rods.

Because the night was going to be warm with few mosquitoes, a shelter wasn’t built, and instead everyone looked forward to a night directly under the stars. Sausages were grilled for dinner and were served with coleslaw.

Blueberries were picked and consumed in abundance.

Towards evening, a fire was lit, and when darkness descended, an activist read aloud from the inspirational book The Political Soldier by Derek Holland.

Grilled sausages rarely disappoint.

There was also a little test for the activists and members when they got to experience what it’s like to get tear gas in their eyes, some of them for the first time. Unsurprisingly, they learned that it’s not the most pleasant experience, but everyone passed the test gallantly and without audible kvetching. Afterwards there were conversations about demonstrations the comrades had taken part in and ones planned for the future. They also discussed how important it is to be prepared for anything.

During the night, a guard duty schedule was implemented, with each participant spending an hour awake, watching over the fire and looking at the stars. In the middle of the night, everyone was awoken and ready for action when a shot suddenly went off. However, it proved to be the sound of a squib, which was ignited in order to test if the comrades were alert.

Early on Sunday morning, everyone woke to the sound of the Horst Wessel Lied being played at high volume. Is there a more edifying way to start a new day? After a morning dip in the lake, the comrades drank coffee while enjoying the quietness of Nordic nature. Breakfast foods differed from canoe to canoe, and included porridge, sausages, bacon and new potatoes.

An early morning dip in the lake.

Like the previous day, Sunday brought blue skies, bright sunshine and a light wind. After a few hours’ paddling, the group got back to Rejmyre, invigorated in body and soul by the weekend’s outdoor experiences and splendid comradeship. Everyone is already looking forward to next time!

The canoeists speed across Hunn lake.