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Woodland excursion in Indre Østfold


SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Activists and members held a weekend excursion in the countryside of Indre Østfold, Norway, last month.

Norway’s Nest 1 held a two-day trip in the beautiful countryside of Indre Østfold on 22–23 August.

The comrades hiked for several kilometres across varying terrain and visited a number of lakes along the way. Once they’d arrived at Kløsa lake, a camp was set up for the night. Activists and members used the opportunity to fish for trout with both spinning bait and lures.

The weather was changeable, with wind and brief periods of rain, which served to cool the air to a comfortable temperature.

The evening concluded with good food and tea before everyone got some well-earned hours of sleep.

The next day, the hike went on for a few more kilometres to Laksen lake. Trout were fished for here as well with various pieces of equipment, while berries and chanterelle mushrooms were picked on the walk.

Naturally it was also ensured that the freedom flag was brought along to embellish the beautiful landscape.

Photos from the trip: