The Movement

The Nordic Resistance Movement is a National Socialist organization. Aside from Sweden, we are represented and active in Norway, Denmark and Iceland, making us the largest nationalistic organization in the North. We work both parliamentarily and extra-parliamentarily.

Our political will can briefly be summarized in nine points. If you support these points, you also support the vision of the Nordic Resistance Movement. Read the nine points in short or download our complete political program, Our Path.

Do you want to support us in our struggle?

Economic support
The Nordic Resistance Movement is always in need of economic support. The organization receives no state funding, and you as an individual can make a great difference by supporting us. Consider it an investment in a brighter future.


Journalistic support
We are on a constant lookout for interesting news to write about. If you have a news story from where you live, do not hesitate to contact us. Tips, news, self-written articles, photographs or movies of interesting recent events that can be featured on our website are more than welcome. The best of them might even be translated for publishing on our other sites.

Submissions can be made to: [email protected]

Get organized
As of now we are only active in the Nordic countries, and even though we have no immediate plans to expand outside of the North, we are indeed open for suggestions and good ideas. We also maintain good relations with several nationalistic organizations around the world, and may aid you in coming into contact with such an organization in your country.

Contact us at: [email protected]