Nordic Resistance Movement activism in Lund, June 2019video

More confrontations with the Left in Lund

ACTIVISM. After the recent tumultuous activity in Lund, when the reds confronted the Resistance Movement – and then wished they hadn’t – representatives from...
The Nordic Resistance Movement at the Alingsås Potato Festivalvideo

Nest 2 visit Alingsås Potato Festival

ACTIVISM. On Saturday 15 June, comrades from Nest 2 were at the Potato Festival in Alingsås. The day brought beautiful sunshine, a pleasant atmosphere...

The freedom flag flies over Greenland

ACTIVISM. A sympathizer of the Nordic Resistance Movement recently planted a Tyr rune flag on the mountain of Lille Malene in Greenland.  On Friday 21...
Nest 8 activist testvideo

Nest 8 activist test and monthly meeting

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. On the morning of Sunday 2 June, members from Nest 8’s two activist groups travelled to central Södermanland to conduct an activist...

The Resistance Movement visits Swedish Game Fair

ACTIVISM. Resistance men from Nest 1 and Nest 8 recently conducted a public flyer distribution at the Swedish Game Fair, a large hunting event...


Vera Oredsson - When the Flagpoles Bloomed

When the Flagpoles Bloomed review

REVIEW. What was life really like growing up in the Third Reich? Vera Oredsson’s childhood memoirs offer a very different version of history to...

Race – Not Country