Israel: The Bane of Our Existence – Andreas Johansson on Red Ice TV

INTERVIEW. Nordic Frontier host Andreas Johansson appeared on Red Ice TV to talk about the current situation in Israel and Palestine.  Israel: The Bane of...

Video from action against Zionism in Stockholm

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. A Resistance Media video from the successful day of action in the Swedish capital. We also previously published a written report from the...

Video from flash demonstration in Uppsala

ACTIVISM. Resistance Media's professional video from the successful action in Uppsala, Sweden. Related:

Video from Nordic Days 2023

NORDIC DAYS. Better late than never – we present a video from this year's Nordic Days event.  More from Nordic Days 2023: Report from Nordic Days...

Video and interview from Legio Hungaria visit

INTERNATIONAL COMRADES. A video and interview from the Nordic Resistance Movement’s visit to Legio Hungaria in Budapest. We have spoken to Daniel from Sweden’s Nest...


We are the future - Nordic Resistance Movement

How will we free the Nordic nations?

IDEOLOGY. Simon Holmqvist shares his view on how the liberation of the Nordic countries might take place. There is a lot of talk in our...

Resistance Movement 3.0

Political Soldiers