Video from Nordic Days 2023

NORDIC DAYS. Better late than never – we present a video from this year's Nordic Days event.  More from Nordic Days 2023: Report from Nordic Days...

Video and interview from Legio Hungaria visit

INTERNATIONAL COMRADES. A video and interview from the Nordic Resistance Movement’s visit to Legio Hungaria in Budapest. We have spoken to Daniel from Sweden’s Nest...

Video from Stockholm Pride

ACTIVISM. Resistance Media present a video from the activism conducted at Stockholm's homosexual festival.  Video from the recent action at Stockholm Pride, which was preceded...
Nordic Resistance Movement activist on Skierfe mountain, Lapland, Swedenvideo

Video from the Resistance Movement’s mountain hike in Lapland

VIDEO. Resistance Media presents a video full of fantastic scenery and dizzying heights from the recent hike to Skierfe mountain.  Resistance Media has released a...

Patriotic Weekly Review with the Nordic Resistance

LIVESTREAM. Andreas Johansson joins Mark Collett on tonight's episode of Patriotic Weekly Review.  Nordic Frontier host Andreas Johansson joins Mark Collett on Episode 216 of...


Shadows of Ukrainian soldiers

Which side are we on in the Ukraine war?

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement explains where the organisation stands on this important issue. There may be some who think this...
Stavanger sword monument

What do you live for?