Challenging wilderness activity in Nest 5

NATURE. Nest 5’s activist group spent almost 24 hours in the woods of Dalarna on Saturday 23rd May. Here’s their report on how the...

Resistance men fight off reds at BLM demonstration in Umeå

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Resistance men fought back against masked reds at a sect-like Black Lives Matter demonstration in Umeå, Sweden, on Saturday. On Saturday 6th June...

Nest 3 outdoor activity on Kullaberg peninsula

SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Nest 3 activists enjoy a weekend of hiking, training and camping on southern Sweden’s Kullaberg peninsula. In the early morning of Saturday 23rd...

Nest 8 video presentation

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The Nordic Resistance Movement’s Nest 8 presents a video introduction to the nest and its activities. Watch on VK / BitChute Welcome to the...

The Tyr rune flag flies over Helsingborg

ACTIVISM. Resistance Movement activists fly the freedom flag from atop Kärnan tower in Helsingborg. At lunchtime on 17th May, Nordic Resistance Movement activists ascended Kärnan...


National Socialism and religion

OPINION. Jimmy Thunlind writes about National Socialism’s relationship to religion. The main factor that is usually cited as distinguishing man from other living beings on...
Nordic Resistance Movement marchers on May Day 2018 in Ludvika, Sweden

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