NRM Nest 5 ski tripvideo

Ski trip and camping in Sweden’s Nest 5

WILDERNESS ACTIVITY. On Saturday, 20 February, members from Sweden’s Nest 5 met with invited guests to complete an overnight ski trip. On Saturday, 20 February,...
Nordic Resistance Movement activity in Vetlandavideo

Action against multicultural terrorism in Vetlanda

ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 7 held a town square meeting and speech in Vetlanda following the recent terrorist attack by an Afghan immigrant. On Saturday, 6...
Hold Fanen Høyt! episode 33

Jacob Vullum Andersen interview on Hold Fanen Høyt!

RADIO. Danish Nest Chief Jacob Vullum Andersen appeared on the latest episode of the Norwegian podcast Hold Fanen Høyt! (Hold the Flag High!) for...
Nordic Resistance Movement Winter Aid initiative in Odense, Denmarkvideo

Winter Aid in Odense

ACTIVISM. Winter Aid was in Odense to distribute clothes and hot food to homeless Danes on Saturday, 27 February. The Nordic Resistance Movement’s Winter Aid...
Brondby NRM activismvideo

Extensive activism in Brøndby

ACTIVISM. A group of activists from Denmark’s Nest 2 conducted extensive activism in Brøndby on Saturday.  A group of activists and members conducted an extensive...


National Socialism and Animal Rights

IDEOLOGY. Readers often send us questions regarding our views on certain issues. One of the most frequent subjects we’re asked about is the National...

Status Quo ante Revolution

A United North