Evicting anti-fascists in Stockholm

ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 1 chase away the red plague and confiscate their banners.  On the morning of Saturday 6 August, activists from Nest 1 went...
Nordic Days 2022 Nordic Man of the Year boxingvideo

Video and photos from Nordic Days 2022

NORDIC DAYS. A video and selection of photos taken at this year's Nordic Days event. Report from the event: Nordic Days 2022
Danish wilderness activity in Rold Forestvideo

Wilderness exercise 2022

WILDERNESS ACTIVITY. A team from the Danish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement recently completed a tough 44-hour wilderness exercise in Rold Forest and...
Nordic Resistance Movement public activity, Aarhus, Denmarkvideo

Blitz demonstration in Aarhus

ACTIVISM. The Resistance Movement recently held a blitz demonstration in the heart of Aarhus, Denmark, with speeches and a leaflet distribution. The Resistance Movement conducted...
Martin Saxlind, Nordic Resistance Movement public activity in Skellefteå, Swedenvideo

Public activity in Skellefteå after rape of 10-year-old girl

ACTIVISM. The Nordic Resistance Movement took to the streets following a disgusting attack on a 10-year-old girl by an African. Activists and members gathered in...


Drawing of the Nordic Resistance Movement flags with the Tyr rune symbol

Our symbols

IDEOLOGY. Here follows a brief introduction to the symbols of the Nordic Resistance Movement. The National Rune – The symbol of the Resistance Movement The National...
Rob Rundo with Antifa banner

Healthy activist culture