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Simon Lindberg interviewed on Guerrilla Radio

RADIO. The Leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement was interviewed on the Guerrilla Radio podcast on the Heel Turn network on Wednesday. During the hour-long...

STREAM: Protest outside the Embassy of Israel in Finland

ACTIVISM. The Nordic Resistance Movement conducted activism in Helsinki, which was streamed live by Norden Media. Activists visited the Embassy of Israel and gave...

Chief of Icelandic branch in radio interview

INTERVIEW. Bror Vakur, chief of the Icelandic branch, was interviewed by Max on our local radio show Radio Ludvika. After the Swedish edition of the...

Nordfront TV visits Paris

MEDIA. Nordfront TV conducts interviews with party leader Yvan Benedetti among others while visiting Paris. A delegation from the Nordic Resistance Movement and Nordfront TV...

INTERVIEW: Simon Lindberg gives his thoughts on the new website

EVENT. Simon Lindberg talks about the new website and the possibilities it holds. On the weekend of Januari 26-27th the Activist Days were held in...


Sweden Democrats and Nordic Resistance Movement logos

Can the Sweden Democrats save Sweden?

First published in the Nordfront newspaper, 7 July 2017. In Sweden today there are over three million people who have either one or two parents...

The N-Word

Drawing of the Nordic Resistance Movement flags with the Tyr rune symbol

Our symbols

Hate Through Love